Do Not Buy GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

We will give more information about advantages and disadvantages about GOOGLE PIXEL 3 and GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL. This is highend Android smartphone from Google which use native Android Pie 9.0. Please note, that we are not saying GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) totally bad, but we will give good point and negative point about GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) base by our opinion.


What are Main Differences Between GOOGLE PIXEL 3 vs GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL ?

  • LCD screen at GOOGLE PIXEL 3 use 5.5 inches LCD screen width at 18:9 ratio, while GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL use 6.3 inches screen width at 18.5:9 ration, because the screen is bigger at XL version, then this phone should modified the scree aspect ratio. The bigger screen also can give bigger resolutions 1440 x 2960 pixels.
  • Notch is not available at GOOGLE PIXEL 3, but we can find the notch at GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL top screen.
  • Battery at GOOGLE PIXEL 3 use 2915 mAh, while GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL use 3430. XL version need to use bigger battery because it have bigger LCD screen and bigger resolutions which need more battery power.


Drawbacks and Goodness of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) Body Specifications :

We will not see any button at front face body, because GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) is use virtual button at the screen. There are microphone and speaker which located at front body, it will act as stereo speaker. At right side of body, we will see power button and volume button. At left side, this phone does not have any button. GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) back side of body have single AI camera with 12.2 megapixel, this camera able to record maximum 2160p video with maximum 30 fps, of course we can take lower resolutions such as 1080p (Full HD) or 720p (HD).

disadvantages google pixel 3 / pixel 3 xl

For some users maybe single camera at GOOGLE PIXEL 3 or GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL become demerits or disadvantage. But Google said that their camera have smart AI enhanced, a software inside GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) which can learn and give better result of photo result. Therefore anyone who already use GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) camera, will agree that this is smart and beautiful camera. This phone have 12.2 megapixel resolutions with new generation of big sensor, smart processor, and aperture number f/1.8 can give better photo although the light conditions is not too bright.

GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) use Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845, this is fast mobile processor with 10 nm technology. This processor have high end fast GPU Adreno  630 with Visual Processing Subsystem, it will give benefit for playing 3D Games from Google Play Store without lag with best graphic rendering for each video processing. The usage of Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 also give benefit for battery life, because the 10 nm technology make battery consumption become lower.

Disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 and GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL only have small battery. Although this phone already use Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 with 10 nm technology, we still think that having only 2915 mAh for GOOGLE PIXEL 3 and 3430 mAh for GOOGLE PIXEL 3 XL are limited. The usages of battery will become more heavy when we install many applications and update more often to cloud server. However, wireless fast charging is another advantages at GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL). But the drawback of this wireless charging only work with specific version of wireless charger. We need to have special wireless charger which have Google 10w Certified to make it faster to charge our GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL).


Possibilities Disadvantages or Drawbacks Issues of GOOGLE PIXEL 3  / PIXEL 3 XL :

  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) only have single rear camera, but it have improved AI for better photo results.
  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) battery is standard, we need more bigger battery because this is high end smartphone which will use more then just daily activity.
  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) RAM which only have 4 GB options. There are many providers start to introduce 6 GB RAM for their smartphone, maybe Google still think about lowering selling price of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) by using 4 GB RAM.
  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) fast wireless charging only work with specific Google 10W certified, we can not use fast wireless charging with other 3th party (fast) wireless charging.


Is GOOGLE PIXEL 3 (XL) Worth To Buy ?

Yes, it is worth to buy. This is other new Google flagship smartphone at 2018. There are some improvement especially at design and camera capabilities. Anyone who buy GOOGLE PIXEL family also have first change to upgrade their phone with latest new Google Android versions.

This article is talking about What are the disavantages of google pixel 3xl. You can find other topic at our related post bellow.

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