Do Not Buy MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Motorola already chosen to produce Google Nexus 6. As its name, this phone have 6 inches LCD screen width at 5,96 inches exactly. There are several reviews already give information about Google Nexus 6, but this article will give more point of view before buy this phone. Please note, we are not saying that Google Nexus 6 are completely bad, but we will tell what we feel about this phone, either pros and cons. This phone also known as Motorola Nexus X.

The Specifications of MOTOROLA NEXUS 6

  • GSM 3G HSDPA for Broadband Data, LTE 4G
  • Display LCD 5.96 inches AMOLED display
  • LCD resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels
  • Internal memory 32 GB or 64 GB with 3 GB RAM
  • Back Camera 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
  • Processor CPU Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450
  • Power Li-Ion 3220 mAh
  • Operating system Android OS, v5.0 (Lollipop)
  • microUSB v2.0 (MHL), USB Host

What is Strength and Weakness for MOTOROLA NEXUS 6

The most important think when we want to buy NEXUS phone is about Google Brand. Google will give more attention for their Nexus phone as far as the processor and RAM still fit to latest firmware, then every Nexus phone will get latest Android version update. This is also happen with Nexus 4, the Google brand phone which already release at 2012 with 2GB RAM and Quad Core 1.4 processor also get latest Google Android Lollipop version 5. This situation will also happen to MOTOROLA NEXUS 6, at this time, this is first Android Lollipop smartphone in the world, but after that all appropriate Nexus smartphone get latest update to Android Lollipop.

As far as we know, usually Google create their Nexus phone with not so expensive price, but they will get good specification when the phone release. Like now, MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 have 3 GB RAM and also have fast Qualcomm Quad Core 2.7 Ghz Krait 450 with GPU Adreno 420.

google nexus 6 motorola

Some people worry about the battery performance at MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 because this phone use 6 inches LCD screen with Quad Core 2.7 processor that will need more power resources. But thanks to Android Lollipop which have smart battery performance, and the operating system can reduce the processor clock speed when the battery threshold limit has already reached.  That is why Motorola said that the 3220 mAh battery is good enough for Nexus 6 because it can run up to 24 hours without charging at normal usages.

The disadvantage of 6 inches LCD screen at MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 will give another consideration to buy, because some of user wish the screen is not as big as tablet. Well, we said this is phablet, not too small but not to big as well. As we know, Google also have to think several time when they want to produce MOTOROLA NEXUS 6, especially for how big is ideal LCD size? But because Google already produce Google Nexus 5 with 5 inches LCD screen, then of course they have to think creating more then previous one. And now, Google Nexus 6 with 6 inches.

The lag of external memory card slot is another drawback of MOTOROLA NEXUS 6, as we know Android Lollipop version 5 will give back the ability to read and write at external memory card which was closed at Android Kitkat version 4.4.   With this Good news, the MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 suppose to have external memory card slot. However, this disadvantage will not give too much effect because minimum internal memory for Nexus 6 is 32 GB to choose, some of use who need more will choose 64 GB internal memory.

How Good or Bad about MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 Camera ?

Camera is one consideration before buying smartphone, we also agree for this sentence, and Google Nexus 6 have good performance camera. It have 13 megapixel camera with big aperture f/2.0 and also have optical image stabilization which is very important for daily activity, but of course the performance will not help too much. Optical image stabilization will reduce the handshake when camera slowdown the shutter speed to compensate the low light situations.

The color produce by 13 megapixel MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 is good, especially when it take at outdoor or enough light situation, but if we take a photo shoot at indoor, then almost like other high end smartphone camera, the color will be reduce and also white balance will be automatically try to fit with the room light conditions. How about circle flash light? This is new idea for Android smartphone camera, but the disadvantage of light flash at MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 is the flash light will be focus at the object that focus and close to the lens. However, the light flash still help so much when we need to take pictures at low light situations.

What is the disadvantage or advantage of MOTOROLA NEXUS 6 camera to taking video recording. The good things is about the ability record up to 4K (2160p) UHD recorder, which is big enough for what we need this time. However the drawback of video recording is the sound recording can not record stereo, so we only will record mono sound while record video.

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