Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Important information about SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 or SAMSUNG S20 PLUS pros and cons before buy it. Please note, we are not talking about bad things only, but we will give all goodness and badness about this phone, because basically this phone have many good features if compare with the bad issues.


Several Drawback and Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 / GALAXY S20 PLUS

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) demerit does not have headphone jack 3.5 mm like new Apple smartphones. Actually having 3.5 mm headphone jack still important for these days, especially for anyone who already have high end headset with 3.5 mm jack, but because Samsung want to make their SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) body become as slim as possible, then they have to remove headphone jack. That haedphone jack location replaced with other important components. We have to buy Bluetooth wireless headphone. However, we still can use our phone using USB-C converter to headphone jack 3.5 mm if we need that.

disadvantages samsung galaxy s20 / galaxy s20 plus

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) does not have LED light flash at front camera. At the front body, we can see a single 10 megapixel camera for selfie photography and video. This camera can record using dual video call features with automatic HDR technology.  Able to record video using wide lens up to 2160p@30/60fps. But we can not use light flash at very dark situations.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) battery is not removable. We have to know that Samsung body is design with elegant uni-body concept, therefore we can not remove or open the battery cover easily. If later time the battery reach life time limit, then we have to bring our SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20 PLUS) to Samsung authorized service center for replace with original battery.


Pros and Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 / GALAXY S20 PLUS

There are so many advantages if we want to buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS. Some of important features for us:

Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20+ PLUS) camera

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 have triple camera and SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS have four camera, same with S20 but at Plus version it have TOF 3D camera for DOF. Samsung main camera with 12 megapixel wide have larger sensor, therefore the pixel size can become so big with good result.  We also can take telephoto with 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom using 64 megapixel sensor, but the sensor is smaller that main wide camera. This phone also have ultrawide camera with 12 megapixel but again with bigger sensor size for better photo.

The video recording can record with 8K resolutions with 24 fps. If we want to reduce the file size, then we can choose to record with 4K or Full HD resolutions. The feature that very important for taking many video is storage memory, it have 128 GB internal storage, maybe we need more bigger storage for keep more photos and videos. Don’t worry, because we can extend the memory storage using MicroSD at secondary simcard slot, Samsung always suggest to use fast MicroSD or MicroSDXC for better performance.

Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 (S20+ PLUS) processor

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS use same processor Exynos 990. This is Samsung own product with 64 bit 7 nm+ processor technology. But there are also other SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS product which use same 7 nm+ processor technology for specific country, like America (USA) use Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865. All processors work with fast dedicated GPU for playing 3D HD games without lag. The processor have good AI processing capability with good machine learning performance. This processor have capabilities to support 8K video recording.


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 / GALAXY S20 PLUS Recommended to Buy ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 have 6.2 inches screen size, and for anyone who want to have more bigger Dynamic AMOLED, then SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS is the answer with 6.7 inches screen. Both phone can work with 4K resolutions at 1440 x 3200 pixels. If we want to have a smartphone with 8K video recording capabilities and also budget is not big problems, then SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS are recommended to buy. We also can choose to buy 5G with SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 5G version or SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 PLUS 5G version.

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