Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 & S8+ Android Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

We will try to give more important information about SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 which is introduce in the market at year 2017. This phone have some improvement in the specifications. SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 is premium smartphone which comes with glass and metal body. The screen size is 5.8 inches for SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 and 6.2 inches for SAMSUNG GALAXY S8+ with Samsung Super AMOLED screen type. Of course the screen resolutions of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8/S8+ more then QHD at 1440 x 2960 pixels, usually QHD standard is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Don’t worry about scratch problems because this phone already use Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which have better screen glass protections such as drop protection from 1.6 meters and more strong to protect from the scratch.

disadvantages samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 comes with GSM / CDMA capabilities but for fast broadband data access, this phone use 4G LTE from GSM network provider. There are two types for sim card slot which are single or dual simcard slots. Talking about dual simcard, we see the disadvantage of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 external memory slot, because for dual simcard slot, the external microSD simcard have to share with simcard slot 2. Therefore although our SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 have dual simcard slots, but we only can use as single simcard when we need to use external microSD. Some users maybe do not need external microSD because by default the internal memory of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 is use 64 GB. For multitasking, this phone already use 4 GB RAM.


Advantages or disadvantages SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ Camera

Camera is one important feature for latest smartphone, because we will use camera for capture every interesting moment in our life and share with social media like Facebook or Instagram or something like that. SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 have good camera specifications because it have big sensor at 1/25 inches size can take very good pictures at 12 megapixel using aperture number f/1.7. More smaller aperture number will give better light pictures or more bright then bigger aperture number, especially when we take pictures at low light conditions or indoor or in the night. The aperture number will not give significant differences when we take pictures at strong light conditions or outdoor bright sunlight. SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 main camera also already have OIS or Optical Image Stabilization, it will reduce our handshake when we take pictures or record video from SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 camera.

disadvantages samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus camera

Front camera of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 have 8 megapixel with same aperture number f/1.7 to give more bright phone, one disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 front camera is not have light flash, but small aperture number is really helpful.  We also can record good video from front camera maximum 1440p at 30 fps. More bigger fps will give more smooth video movement.

When we double tab the Power button then Samsung default camera application will start at any conditions either standby or while use any other applications.  If we want to try, we can download other camera applications from Google Play Store, but from what we know Samsung default camera application already give good and simple way to take pictures or record videos, which also have several adjustment options with several default filters and also have manual filter for some professional users.


Advantages or disadvantages SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ Screen Size

The screen size of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8 PLUS is not usually then some other smartphone, because it have special aspect ratio width at 18.5:9 while usually other smartphone have 16:9 aspect ratio. Only LG G6 which use 18:9 have similar aspect ratio with SAMSUNG GALAXY S8. Therefore Google also try to give more options for any developers who need to create their applications, so it can fit to 18.5:9 aspect ratio smartphone, and that apps can be chosen for any users at Google Play Store.

disadvantages samsung_galaxy s8 and s8 plus lcd

Can we play 16:9 aspect ratio applications or games at SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ ? Yes we can, we still can use any applications from Google Play Store to install at our SAMSUNG GALAXY S8, but of course we can not get full screen view like usually smartphone until the developers of that applications already update with new aspect ratio that Google already introduce for creating any applications.


More Important Cons and Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 & SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 PLUS

Both  SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 & SAMSUNG GALAXY S8+ have water resistance technology with IP68 rating. It mean that this phone can go inside water maximum 1.5 meters at about 30 minutes continuously. The IP68 technology also mean that this phone have dust or small sand protections without need to use additional cover.

Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ is already use Android Nougat version 7.0 and will get latest update to fix some important bugs and improve some features later. One important advantages at SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ user interface, they are now use Grace UX for better navigation and improve design experience.

Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8+ still have 3.5 mm headphone jack which is not available at latest iPhone. It is located in the bottom of this phone. In the middle of bottom body next to headphone jack, we will find USB-C port which will become standard for latest smartphone. 

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