Do Not Buy XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

More information XIAOMI MI A1 or XIAOMI 5X to know from our point of view. There are many advantages and disadvantages inside this phone that we have to know. Please note that we are not saying that XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) is bad, but this page will give other important information about XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) from our point of view. This is new version of Android One from Google. Previously Google deliver first type of Android One with cheap price Android smartphone, but now Google will improve some features with their Android One smartphone version. Google have agreement with Xiaomi to make new version of this Android One.


Goodness and Weakness of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) display, design and camera

Advantages of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) use dual lens camera with 12 megapixel resolution, but they have different focal length for telephoto and wide focal length with their own aperture number for each lens. Using f/2.2 and f/2.6 which standard for camera right now. Next good features from this camera are having 2x optical zoom to make the object closer without need to move from our location when we want to take pictures. Front camera of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) use standard 5 megapixel resolutions, but this front camera also can record video with maximum 1080p resolution.

Goodness of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) LCD screen use 5.5 inches with LTPS FHD display type. It is give great color view when we want to watch movie, video or playing games. The contrast ratio 1000:1, which is very important to give differences between black and white color. The XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) have 403 PPI.  This screen also already use Corning Gorilla Glass screen protections to make it more stronger to ignore some scratch.

Advantages of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) design with rounded corner give elegant display and easy to hold although it have 5.5 inches screen size. At back side of body we can find horizontal dual camera with LED light flash beside the camera. The fingerprint sensor located at backside body as well to make it easy to touch with finger-hand. Volume button and power button located at right side.

disadvantages xiaomi mi a1 / xiaomi 5x

Disadvantages of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) only have single speaker located at bottom near USB-C charger port and the pros features because it still have 3.5mm headphone jack. Maybe not many users aware about IR but XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) have Infrared sensor which located at top side, we can use this IR to remote some devices such as air-con, television, tv cable and some other more. There are some 3th party applications from Google Play Store to run with this Infrared sensor, some of them have ability to learn the IR programs or use pre-installed programs to control electronic devices.


More Advantages and Disadvantages of XIAOMI MI A1 / XIAOMI 5X

Advantages of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) is powered by Google. It is use pure Android operating system without any 3th party tweak. Therefore we will not find any MIUI like other Xiaomi Android smartphone. Google try to make secure Android ecosystem with standard devices and without any Android modification like some other Android brand, and at this Android One, Google promise to give ability upgrade to next version of Android Oreo version.

Some users maybe need more faster processor but using Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core processor at XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) is not the disadvantages, because this is middle end smartphone with sufficient performance. Using this processor which have 14nm manufacturing process still make it run smooth without problems to run famous applications or playing HD games. this processor is 64 bit architecture to make it can run 4 GB RAM for multitasking.

Goodness of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) is having big internal memory with 64 GB size and enough 4 GB RAM for run more multitasking applications. If we need more storage then we still can use microSD external memory type, but the drawbacks of this version is only can use maximum 128 GB microSD external memory while some other brand can read maximum 256 GB. External memory important to keep our photos or video recording, because they are usually use big capacity size if we stay with internal memory. We suggest to move photo and video recording to external memory and lets the internal memory use fully for installed applications.

Pros of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) have quick charging technology. We think that the battery of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) is not too big for most users, but Xiaomi use Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 processor which have impressive battery performance especially for daily applications. However, if the battery is empty, then we can use fast charging for faster recharge, because this phone use Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.


Possibility disadvantages or drawbacks of XIAOMI MI A1 or XIAOMI 5X:

  • Small battery size at 3080 mAh for 5.5 inches LCD screen.
  • It use non removable battery.
  • Although it have dual camera, but the drawbacks of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) camera does not have smaller aperture number, this phone use f/2.2 and f/2.6.
  • Disadvantages of XIAOMI MI A1 (5X) does not have NFC for data transfer.
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