Pros and Cons Fact at GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (XL) Review

These are some summarize about good and bad features at GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL):

Some weakness of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) :

  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) does not have dual simcard network. As far as we know, Google only release single simcard slot for this phone.
  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) does not have external memory microsd simcard slot. Start from beginning, Google has been removed simcard slot for extend external memory.
  • Demerit of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) internal memory only have one option which is 64 GB. For the first time usage, this storage is enough for keep many applications and data, but if we are really like to take many photos and videos, then we will have insufficient storage problems.
  • Disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) RAM only have 4 GB, but basically it is already enough for running 64 bit processor and applications. Also enough for some multitasking apps.
  • Weakness of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) main camera only have single lens. But Google claim the AI will give better result which work similar if compare with dual camera for deep of field effect.
  • Cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) battery is not removable, but this is not big problem, since battery will work minimum 2 years before need to replace.


disadvantages google pixel 3a / google pixel 3a xl


Some Strength of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) :

  • Advantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) can use with newer Android version, although when the first time release use Android Pie 9.0, but we can easily download new Android 10.0 firmware upgrade using over the air (OTA)
  • Pros of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) have big aperture number for main rear camera with f/1.8 and sufficient aperture number at front camera f/2.0. More bigger aperture number will give benefit for brighter photos when take at low light situations.
  • Strength of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) still have 3.5 mm headphone jack for connect our phone with any headphone or headset for audio or hands-free.
  • Pros of GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) LCD screen resolutions already have Full HD+ with 1080 x 2220 pixels at PIXEL 3A and 1080 x 2160 pixels for PIXEL 3A XL.


Is GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (3A XL) worth to buy ?

These are cheap mid-end smartphones from Google, which are use native Google Android operating system without bloatware. GOOGLE PIXEL 3A (PIXEL 3A XL) will have first priority to upgrade with the latest Android update operating system. We are recommended to buy this phone.

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