Do Not Buy APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Information about APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI from our point of view. Please note, we are not saying that this phone is totally bad, but at least we give some features that we are not satisfied, and of course other good features. These phones are release on October 2020 with almost same features except LCD screen.

  • Screen: IPHONE 12 use 6.1 inches while IPHONE 12 MINI use 5.4 inches size
  • Battery: IPHONE 12 use 2815 mAh while IPHONE 12 MINI use 2227 mAh capacity


Several Drawback and Cons of APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI Possibilities:

  • APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI cons is about external memory, all iPhone product does not dedicated or shared slot for external memory MicroSD, therefore we have to choose more bigger internal memory to keep our data.
  • APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI RAM is only 4 GB. While other high-end smartphone has 6 GB or more then iPhone should have RAM options more then 4 GB only.
  • APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI does not have 3.5mm audio jack, but we can use Bluetooth or Lightning converter.
  • APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI does not have Macro or Telephotos camera. However, this phone has two camera for standard wide and ultrawide.
  • APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI battery is less then 3000 mAh capacity.


disadvantages apple iphone12 or iphone 12 mini

Other Consideration About APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI

These phones use Apple A14 Bionic, this is the latest system on chip or SOC from Apple. It has 5 nm processor technology for better power saving features but has better performance for running any applications. For light applications, it will work with four core 4×1.8 GHz Icestorm and when running high intensive applications, then it will work with dual core 2×3.1 GHz Firestorm for running faster.

These phones have 5G connection for Internet broadband access, of course we can use 4G LTE or 3G or 2G when our provider does not support later technology. Until we make this information, 5G connection still not available at all country in the world.  There are two options for simcard with single or dual simcard slot.

Some users get issues with IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI Touch ID, but we can use other options to open like Face ID or using password for open security protections. However, we suspect some troubles happen because of non standard 3th party thick screen protections. Therefore if we get this troubles, please try to remove any additional screen protection and relay on factory default scratch resistance oleophobic coating.

When APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI release on the market, we are still on pandemic COVID-19 issues. Therefore we are really need to have water resistance smartphone. APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI already has water resistance up to 6 m for 39 minutes, but the most important thing that we can wash our iPHONE anytime we want, after we go back home, to remove or stay away from COVID-19 viruses.


Is APPLE IPHONE 12 / 12 MINI Recommended to Buy ?

If we are really like to use iOS from previous version, of course this phone is recommended to buy. We can choose whether to buy standard IPHONE 12 with 6.1 inches screen size or the cheaper one IPHONE 12 MINI with 5,4 inches LCD screen. However, having 3 GB RAM with Apple A14 Bionic processor is good improvement for replace our previous iPhone.


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