Do Not Buy NOKIA LUMIA 930 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

For Microsoft Windows Phone lover, now we can get Nokia smartphone with bigger LCD screen which call NOKIA LUMIA 930, the Windows Phone smartphone with 5 inches LCD screen using AMOLED screen for better view. Camera is one interesting features at this phone because it have 20 megapixel camera with PureView technology to get better images quality. We also can take high quality video and sound using NOKIA LUMIA 930 camera because it have 4 directional microphones for surround audio recorder.. The photography moment will become easier because this phone already have optical images stabilization, so it will reduce our hand shacking while take pictures. As we know using Windows Phone already good enough when running at 512MB 0r 1GR RAM, but now NOKIA LUMIA 930 will give us 2GB RAM for better performance running multitasking applications, and of course processor need to get high performance as well, because NOKIA LUMIA 930 have quad core 2.2Ghz processor.

Please keep in mind, this article does not mean NOKIA LUMIA 930 are bad, but we will see every interesting aspect that can become advantage or disadvantage for every users, so please consider all information before buy NOKIA LUMIA 930, but first we have to understand that this Nokia Lumia 930 is high end class smartphone, and of course there is some price that we have to pay for the facility.

What is Advantage of NOKIA LUMIA 930?

The bigger screen in one advantage of Nokia Lumia 930 , it have 5 inches LCD screen that very important for us who like to type for chatting or write something using touch screen keyboard. There are many applications that can run perfectly now at NOKIA LUMIA 930 like Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Twitter and some other more, using 5 inches will make faster and more accurate typing. Have bigger LCD screen also make bigger view for watch movie video or playing games, furthermore the NOKIA LUMIA 930 use good color of AMOLED technology.

Nokia Lumia 930 camera advantage with 20 megapixel is very impressive. To take better images, we should combine several things that also need to be good, the images processing and lens is very important part of camera. NOKIA LUMIA 930 have 20 megapixel camera at the backside using Carl Zeiss optical and Nokia PureView technology, this is impressive combination for taking good images. We also can record the high quality video with maximum 1080p/30fps and also the recorder will get the surround sound. With good camera at our smartphone, we should able to take pictures at any situations, include at low light room. The NOKIA LUMIA 930 users still can get better images because this camera also have auto setting for ISO and LED light to help better pictures.

Wireless charging is one of advantage at NOKIA LUMIA 930 smartphone. We does not need to deal with any cable anymore to charge this phone because the wireless charging technology will charge our phone just only put the NOKIA LUMIA 930 at the charging plate and the charge will start. At this time NOKIA LUMIA 930 has already included the wireless charging accessories as well. The charging can be run with the common MicroUSB charger, NOKIA LUMIA 930 have charging port at the bottom.

The Design of NOKIA LUMIA 930 is also one advantage that maybe interesting for some users, because it have premium design with aluminum shape and polycarbonate material body make it looks more elegant and also good to hold with our handheld. We can see new look of Nokia Lumia family at front, and we will remain about this is Nokia Lumia when see the back case body, anyway we are happy to see the body design of NOKIA LUMIA 930.

The Advantage of processor at NOKIA LUMIA 930 is very good, because it come with Snapdragon 800 with quad-core 2.2Ghz processor, this will make running almost all applications become faster without lag. Playing HD Games and many more with no problems. NOKIA LUMIA 930 also equip with 2GB RAM for better multitasking applications.

disadvantage of nokia lumia 930

The Disadvantage or Drawback or Bad Side of NOKIA LUMIA 930

Among the advantage that we already said above, then we should also know about the drawback of NOKIA LUMIA 930. One that we get is the camera aperture only have f/2.4, we wish it have f/2 like Sony or HTC camera to get more light when taking images. But this is not the big problems, because the Nokia Lumia 930 camera with PureView technology still wonderful to take images at lowlight conditions. The expensive price is one other drawback of NOKIA LUMIA 930, but this is high end smartphone, the selling price is expensive as usual high end smartphone. The Bad side of NOKIA LUMIA 930 is not waterproof, but we does not need that technology for most smartphone as far as we can use it carefully.

Buying NOKIA LUMIA 930 Pros and Cons Consideration

We already talk some pros and cons about NOKIA LUMIA 930, but as we know we still can get any plus or minus about every gadget, but please see in our daily activity the drawback of the features will not make any problem for our work. Therefore using NOKIA LUMIA 930 is something interesting to use and as we know now some developers start to make their applications can work at Windows Phone operating system without problem.

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