Do Not Buy GOOGLE PIXEL 8 (PRO) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

disadvantages GOOGLE PIXEL 8 (PRO)

This is the first Android smartphone that use Android 14 version in the world. It is released by Google at October 2023. There are two options with PRO or without PRO. GOOGLE PIXEL 8 use 6.7 inches LCD size while GOOGLE PIXEL 8 PRO version use 6.7 inches size. Please note that we’re not claiming

Pros and Cons Fact GOOGLE PIXEL 7 Review

disadvantages google pixel 7

This phone release on October 2022. It is the first Android 13 smartphone that available at the market. The screen use 6.3 inches size and work with Google Tensor G2 processor. We can use dual camera 50 megapixel for wide and 12 megapixel for 114 degree ultrawide. We will give more information about good and bad

Pros and Cons Fact About GOOGLE PIXEL 6 Review

disadvantages google pixel 6

Like previous Google Pixel smartphone, Google introduce new Android 12 operating system at GOOGLE PIXEL 6. It is 5G smartphone with 6 inches AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate. We will give more information about good and bad features of GOOGLE PIXEL 6 : Some disadvantages possibilities of GOOGLE PIXEL 6 : First Disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 6