Do Not Buy GOOGLE PIXEL / PIXEL XL Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

It is very important to know GOOGLE PIXEL family Android smartphone disadvantages and advantages before we buy. When the first time Google introduce Android operating system, they have said that Google will have some partnership with many smartphone vendor or company, so they can create good smartphone and use Android as the operating system. Nexus was the first Google Android Smartphone which is collaborate with some manufacture. As far as we know, Google Nexus has been done between Google and HTC, Asus, LG, Huawei. However, at year 2016 Google start to create their own smartphone hardware without collaboration with other smartphone brand, this situations almost the same with Apple or Microsoft who also create their own smartphone or tablet. This smartphone known as GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL.


What is Advantages and Disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL ?

Google said that there are some advantages when they can create their own smartphone hardware, especially for applications integrations such as Google Assistant or Google Allo. At other Android smartphone, we have to download Google Assistant from Google Play Store, but at GOOGLE PIXEL (XL) already included by default. Google Assistant have many advantages for finding almost anything from our smartphone like location, operation time, review, news, reservation and some other more. This is really working as personal virtual assistance which available at our smartphone.

drawbacks of google pixel xl

As we know that Android is open source project that can be optimize or modified by anyone, therefore all manufacture of smartphone try to create their own ‘taste’ of Android, usually they also use their own user interface, let’s say like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz, Sony Xperia UI, Huawei Emotion UI, LG UX and many more. This conditions sometime can make trouble for users who want to switch or change their brand of smartphone. And now at GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL will use pure Android operating system like what Nexus got previously. Google also declare that GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL will always get first priority for firmware upgrade. At least Google give about 2 years for these smartphone always get latest Android version upgrade. When the first time release in the market, GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL use Android Nougat version 7.1.

Advantages of GOOGLE PIXEL (XL) also can be found at camera, because Google give more attentions for Camera features at this phone. GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL have 12,3 megapixel with aperture number f/2.0 main camera which is located at back side of body, with phase detect and laser auto focus work together for faster and accurate focus of the object. This camera have 89 result from DxOMark which the highest result ever. It seems that Google try to give options for users to have good smartphone camera beside iPhone product. Other goodness of GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL is optical image stabilizer, this is very important features to reduce handshake while taking steady pictures or record video while we are moving. One disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL camera is HDR always on at the setting camera, we need to turn off HDR when we do not need to use that, hopefully Google will change this setting at next firmware update.


disadvantages google pixel (xl) camera

GOOGLE PIXEL have 5 inches LCD screen with 2770 mAh battery while GOOGLE PIXEL XL have 5.5 inches LCD screen with 3450 mAh battery. GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL have excellent battery life for daily activity usage. This phone use Type-C / USB-C charger slot with also still have 3.5 mm headphone jack like other smartphone except iPhone 7 family.

Other drawbacks of GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL are not waterproof, it have IP53 certified that mean only can work with splash of water. Therefore we have to use specific waterproof case when we need to bring GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL submersible in the water.


GOOGLE PIXEL and GOOGLE PIXEL XL are good options to buy when we need powerful smartphone with fantastic camera result and directly support from Google company. But disadvantages of high price also need to be consider before we buy this phone. If can compare between price of Samsung or iPhone with their flagship product.



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