Pros and Cons Fact About SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S Review

These are some summarizes about good and bad features at SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S. This is cheap smartphone with 6.5 inches LCD screen. Why Samsung release SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S with cheap prices? Is this phone worth to buy? We will give more information about SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S that important to know.


Some disadvantages possibilities of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S :

  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S screen type use standard PLS but still with rich color. It is also have low resolution at 720p at 720 x 1600 pixels. We still can run many HD movie for streaming, but of course we can not play Full HD movie with this phone.
  • Demerit of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S does not have Infra Red sensor which usually can make our phone become remote control. Not many Samsung product use infra red sensor.
  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S internal storage is not too big, with 32 GB for the cheapest price, but having external memory slot is good options for extend the storage.
  • Drawback of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S battery is not removable. It is fine to have non removable battery type because this phone use unibody type. But we need to bring this phone to Samsung authorized service center when the battery life time is reach.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S does not have NFC for transfer data or do wireless payment.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S camera has standard camera at 13 megapixel f/2.2 for wide, 2 megapixel f/2.4 for macro and 2 megapixel f/2.4 for depth of field. This camera is not recommended to take photos at low light or night shoot.


disadvantages samsung galaxy a03s

Some Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S :

  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S already use Android 11 as factory default operating system. New Samsung smartphone use One UI 3.1 user interface.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S have dedicated external memory slot for MicroSDXC. It is important to extend our storage when the 32 GB internal memory is full. But please note, not all applications can be moved to external memory.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S camera can record video up to 1080p at 30fps.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S has Knox security system to improve data security from malware or threats.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S battery is 5000 mAh that big for work with multiple applications.


Other Considerations of SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S  is entry level smartphone that work with MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 which have dedicated GPU PowerVR GE8320 that run max 680 Mhz. It is work with Octa-core CPU 4×2.35 GHz Cortex-A53 for heavy apps & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 for simple apps. The processor. It is work with TSMC 12 nm FinFET technology.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S battery is big enough for run full one day, because it is use 5000 mAh battery capacity. It has fast charging 15W technology. More work can be done with big battery for doing any activity.


SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S Have Good Triple Camera And Beautiful Front Camera

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S has standard camera at 13 megapixel f/2.2 for wide, 2 megapixel f/2.4 for macro and 2 megapixel f/2.4 for depth of field. When we take photos at daylight or enough brightness, this camera will give detail and good color at photos and videos. However, we will see more noise when taking photos at low light situations.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a03s camera


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S worth to buy ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S comes with MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 and have triple cameras for standard activity. It has big battery at 5000 mAh. The screen is also good at 6.5 inches size. This phone has two version of internal memory with 32 GB or 64 GB. We can use external memory MicroSDXC for extend the storage capacity. If we only want to use standard work or school activity, then SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S is recommended to buy.


SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S Review – Closing Statement

Some users does not need to use 5G for their activity such as for chatting using Whatsapp / Telegram, doing social media like Instagram / Facebook / TikTok or watching video streaming. Although some media files can be seen up to 4K, but with 6.5 inches LCD screen that available on SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S will give enough movie or picture view at HD resolution 720 x 1600 pixels. At this conditions, we do not need to have 5G. Using 4G LTE is more then enough like what we get from SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S was released using Android 11 when the first time available on the market, but thanks to Samsung that released Android 12 firmware upgrade as well as One UI 4.1 Core Samsung user interface for this cheap smartphone. We can use this phone full one day because it has big battery 5000 mAh with fast charging 15W with supported power charger adapter.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S has several models SM-A037F, SM-A037F/DS, SM-A037M, SM-A037G, SM-A037U. the prices is not expensive with enough standard daily performance activity. However, please do not expect for heavy games because this is entry level smartphone with MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 CPU and PowerVR GE8320 GPU. Especially anyone who use smallest RAM 2 GB will easily get stuck or freezing for a moment.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S has two version of internal storage with 32 GB or 64 GB. Do not worry because we still can add additional storage using MicroSDXC up to 1 TB at dedicated external memory slot. We can use MicroSD for move some data files from games or some applications. We also like to have hardware fingerprint sensor that located at side body, it is working faster than using under-display optical fingerprint sensor. This phone also has NFC connection for data transfer or performing wireless payment.

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8 Replies to “Pros and Cons Fact About SAMSUNG GALAXY A03S Review”

  1. Way too slow and yes to previous comment, slow & touchy!! Patience is needed!! I have little 😒

  2. Donot buy this garbage, it’s the most unreliable phone I have ever purchased. Time for a class action lawsuit!!!

  3. Phone Bluetooth connection to bluetooth speaker useless – always dropping connection – speaker works fine with iPhone.

  4. This is the worst phone I have ever purchased and the sales man from Metro by mobile in New Bedford overcharged at that. I see on internet it’s for sale by company for 50 and some others are giving as promotion. So slow, horrible charging and holding g charge capabilities. I can’t believe he recommended
    Total waste of time that I don’t have and now I’m going to return and exchange problems at least taking 2 more additional hours. This is a beginners, insufficient phone. And what cell phone nowadays doesn’t have access to online payments!! Horrible. They should be so embarrassed to recommend. Must get a kickback. Not happy and word of mouth goes a long way. Very poor manager working there. Tried to file complaint but no ody called me back. I will continue to pursue this when I go to nearby Metro tomorrow to return

  5. I have had the Galaxy A03s since last year, and I love it! It may need a little bit of time to open apps at times, but it still gets the job done. I love that the battery lasts for so long, as well. At the lower price it was at, I think it was 100% worth it.

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