Do Not Buy NOKIA 5 Android Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

There are several important information from NOKIA 5 that we have to know before buy this phone. Many advantages and disadvantages depend on what we need to buy a smartphone. Nokia 5 comes with 5.2 inches LCD screen which have 720p resolutions (720 x 1280 pixels). It is already use Android Nougat version 7.1.1 with Qualcomm processor MSM8937 Snapdragon 430. Although this is not very fast processor at these days but we can run almost any applications when using this phone. Playing some HD games can be easily run without lag because NOKIA 5 use Adreno 505 which have 450 Mhz speed, it is support DirecX 12.2,  OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan 1.0.


What is Advantages and Disadvantages of NOKIA 5 Android ?

Advantages of NOKIA 5 use Android 5.2 inches LCD screen width. The resolutions is 720 x 1280 pixels, enough to see HD video streaming from Facebook or Youtube or other resources. It have good 282ppi density with IPS display type. The most important thing from display is how good the color output and how bright it can see bellow the sunlight. NOKIA 5 have good brightness view when we see bellow the bright sunlight usually at around 11 AM at some country.

Advantages of NOKIA 5 body using aluminium at back side of body and like usual front body is LCD screen glass with advantages use Corning Gorilla Glass scratch protections for ignore some unexpected accidents at that glass, but we strongly suggest to give additional scratch protection for more stronger screen like tempered glass or film protections. NOKIA 5 body size is 149.7 x 72.5 x 8.0 mm with 160 grams, not too light but still easy to hold for daily activity.

disadvantages nokia 5 android


Goodness of NOKIA 5 operating system already use Android Nougat 7.1.1 which is new when this phone release in the market. We will get several time firmware upgrade to fix some bugs trouble and improve user features. But one disadvantages of Nokia User Interface that they do not have on screen navigation, it still use capacitive touch screen in the bottom of the body. Other pros from NOKIA 5 firmware is bloat free, because we will only find native Android applications inside this phone when the first time use and activate it. Therefore we can install only what we need applications from Google Play Store. Good point of this condition is the internal memory storage will not use too much for any unknown applications that we are not use anytime.

Advantages of NOKIA 5 main camera use 13 megapixel with aperture number f/2.0. More smaller aperture number will give more bright photo especially when we are taking indoor pictures or less of light. If the situations is really dark then we have to use Dual tone LED light which available at back side of body as well. This camera give good color process of photo and good saturation too. NOKIA 5 use 21 mm wide focal length to take more object at our photo. Other goodness of NOKIA 5 camera have HDR features to balance light between front object and the bright background, PANORAMA for taking several images together and joint them become one wide pictures. What about for selfie photography? We also will have plus point for taking selfie photo, because it have 8 megapixel camera with same aperture number f/2.0. This front camera aperture number is very important because NOKIA 5 does not have front camera LED light to help at low light conditions.

Disadvantages of NOKIA 5 is not have notification LED at the body. Some users need to have notification LED which usually available at top of body or near front camera, but NOKIA 5 does not have it. Notifications LED normally will light to give information about new message, or call or charging status. Therefore we have to see all notification from LCD screen. However, maybe Nokia try too save battery life, because when LED light is turn on, then it will need battery power to light.

Weakness of NOKIA 5 internal memory is only have 16 GB with 2 GB RAM. Todays there are more applications need bigger storage to keep history or data files such as Whatsapp or Facebook. That kind of apps still put all data inside internal memory, therefore if we have many chat or social media history status then 16 GB internal memory will not enough to install more other applications. Some apps like games can use external memory to safe data files. The goodness at NOKIA 5 have dedicated external memory slot which can read write maximum 256 GB.

Demerits of NOKIA 5 is not use new USB Type-C port, this phone still use MicroUSB. This situations maybe become advantages for some users who have many charger with MicroUSB port. But if we use USB Type-C, there are several advantages for speed and we also will not confuse because it is reversible. More newer smartphone will use USB Type-C port later. Good point of this phone connectivity because MicroUSB port at NOKIA 5 is USB On the Go, so we can read and write USB flash drive from this port.

Disadvantages of NOKIA 5 is not have fast charging technology. Maybe because NOKIA 5 sell with cheap price, therefore they are not include quick charge technology at this phone. However, we still can charge easily using included NOKIA power adapter or use other standard power adapter which have minimum 1 A current output. We still can charge this phone use bigger current output such as 2 A or more.



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