Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 (PLUS) Android Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Review and more information about SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 and NOTE 10+ (PLUS). These phones are release at August 2019, therefore it use Android Pie as factory default operating system. Please note, we are not saying that SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) are bad, but this information will give more information from our point of view.



Samsung have their own LCD screen manufacture known as Dynamic AMOLED, this screen already have certification from VDE Germany, special from mobile screen which have pure 100% mobile Color Volume in DCI-P3 color range. Therefore our SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 (PLUS) will have very good and vivid color at every brightness setting. The most important think at LCD screen is the different contrast between black and white, and this phone already have 2.000.000 : 1 contrast ratio to give more wonderful display.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 use 6.3 inches Full HD+ with 401 ppi and Infinity-O display 2280×1080 pixel. SAMSUNG NOTE 10+ (PLUS) use bigger screen at 6.8 inches Quad HD+ with 498 ppi and Infinity-O display 3040×1440 pixel, therefore we will get full screen very small bezel or also known as edge to edge screen display.

disadvantages samsung galaxy note10 note10plus

At the front of the screen we will find full screen bezel-less LCD with small front camera at the top. On the left side of the body we will find volume button and Samsung Bixby button. At the right of the screen we will find power button. At back side of body the glass aura glow body with real camera vertically. But some users have bad experience with this aura glow, because the fingerprint will easily see at this location.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) Camera and Video

The rear main camera of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) have triple lens with 12 megapixel f/1.5-2.4 for wide (standard) camera + 12 megapixel f/2.1 for telephoto + 16 megapixel f/2.2 for ultrawide. Although this camera have good performance, but some other brand also bring same good quality if compare with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) AI camera. Selfie front camera use single 10 megapixel f/2.2 without LED light flash for front camera, but we can use screen light to help give more light when taking selfie photo at low light situations.  Please note the main standard wide camera have dual aperture number, f/1.5 – f/2.4 it mean with AI technology, it can automatically adjust the aperture number use f/1.5 for low light situations or aperture number use f/2.4 when taking at bright daylight situations to give more sharp result.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) camera have good performance for taking pictures or record video with some features like life focus video, video with bokeh effect (the main object is sharp while the background is blur). The camera also have ability to record voice more clearly, especially for presentation because it have zoom-in mic technology. Super steady is the more advantage OIS, because we can record motion video without motion troubles with AI technology inside SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) camera. Beside all good capabilities of record the video, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) also already include video editing studio applications without need to install additional apps, this Samsung Video Editing applications also can work with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) S-Pen Active Stylus to make it more easy for editing progress.


SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) Processor and Performance

There are some processors version which use at SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS). Some version use Exynos 9825 64 bit 7 nm technology processor and some version use Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 which also work with 64 bit 7 nm technology processor. These are high end processor which release at this year. It can save battery usage and of course the 4300 mAh SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS battery and 3500 mAh SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 battery can work more longer. But some users still have battery life problems and wish they use bigger battery capacity. The battery have super fast charging technology with 25W power.

How about for playing games with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS)? Well this phone also have good capabilities for playing games because they already have dedicated GPU graphic processor unit with Mali-G76 MP12 or Adreno 640. This phone have AI technology to make games running with less lag. The vapor design of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) also can make better cooling system to reduce the heats when playing high end 3D HD games for several hours continuously.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) already have Samsung Dex, it can make this phone synchronize automatically with Windows PC using USB cable. We can synchronize last photo, messages or notification from our phone to Computer PC.



If you want to know the exact size of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10, then the size is similar with iPhone XS from Apple, but of course you can use great S-Pen active stylus for write almost anything at this phone, that is why they call it with GALAXY NOTE. The S Pen is include together inside this phone, it is located at the top body. At this version of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) already have gyroscope and accelerometer, it is important to make this stylus can work with some kind of gestures to communicate with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) such as activate the camera or make some zoom without need to touch the S-Pen Stylus to the screen. Some other previous functions for Galaxy Note S-Pen still available at this version.


Possibilities Disadvantages or Drawbacks Issues of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) :

  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) front camera does not have dual camera
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) resolutions is not too high, only work at Full+ 1080 x 2280 pixels
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) battery is non removable
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) does not have dedicated external memory MicroSD slot or does not have shared slot with network simcard, except the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10+ (PLUS) LTE have hybrid simcard for replace with external microSD
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) have expensive price
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) does not have 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) Worth To Buy ?

First we have to know that the price of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / NOTE 10+ (PLUS) is expensive, therefore some users need to consider to buy this phone. If we are really need to stylus for support our work, then this phone is recommended to buy. If some users does not use very active for the S-Pen then please consider to buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S family.




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