Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

We give more information about benefit or disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) before decided to buy this phone. SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) introduce in the market at the end of Feb 2018. There are some improvement if compare with previous Samsung Galaxy S8. Please note, we are not exactly give only disadvantages information, but we will give complete specification review from this high end smartphone.


Pros and Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) body and features

First impression when we see this phone, the design almost similar with previous Samsung Galaxy S8 family. It is use infinity screen in the body and we will not get any hardware home button anymore at front body because all home and navigation buttons are live in the screen. There are some important improvement about fingerprint sensor, SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) place that sensor at back side of the body bellow main camera. It will make us more easy to touch with our finger.

Volume button and power button located at left and right side at the body. SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) already use USB Type-C for charging and data connections. We can use flash drive at this port to transfer files (OTG). Connected to computer for some more features also can be done at this port. SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) still have 3.5 mm headphone jack near USB port, both located at bottom of body. The Boxby button also available at this phone to do some functions such as virtual assistant and some other more.

The differences between SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 vs SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (PLUS) can be seen at LCD screen. The SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 use 5.8 inches width while SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (PLUS) use 6.2 inches width, all type use same resolutions at 1440 x 2960 pixel. Of course they are use latest screen aspect ratio type at 18.5 x 9 ratio. This high end smartphone use Super AMOLED screen type for better color display and already utilize Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as default screen protector. Basically we do not need to give additional screen protector but some users still add additional one for double protections.

Audio improvement at SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) can be hear at stereo speakers. We can find stereo speaker which located at top and bottom of the body.

disadvantages samsung galaxy s9 / s9+ plus specreview

Goodness and Badness of SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) Camera and Video

SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (PLUS) are high end flagship smartphone, therefore there are some good features from these smartphone. The camera ability become more smarter especially for taking photo at low light situations because this camera already use bigger aperture number at f/1.5. This is the first smartphone from Samsung which use this aperture number. More bigger aperture number will make camera able to take more ambien light when capture object, therefore we do not need light flash too much when taking photos at low light room.

Some users see the drawbacks of SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 camera, because it use single 12 megapixel (f/1.5) camera while SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (PLUS) already use dual camera 12 megapixel (f/1.5) for telephoto and 12 megapixel (f/2.4) for wide angle, if combining both camera then SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (PLUS) will have 2x optical zoom abilities. Samsung also improve the autofocus function to make faster focus with phase detection autofocus. Both camera have Optical Images Stabilization OIS to reduce hand shake when taking pictures or record video at any moment.

When the time SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) release in the market, this phone try to give better camera experience for everyone. Therefore they give more features and capabilities. The hard work of Samsung team become advantages, because they get highest DxOMark rating at 1st place with 104 point, this place replacing about 5 months Google Pixel 2 camera at 98 point.


Possibilities Disadvantages or Drawbacks Issues of SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) :

  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) does not have dedicated external microsd simcard
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) price are expensive
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) battery small for high end features
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 does not have dual lens main camera
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) front camera does not have flash LED light
  • Cons SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) battery is not removable


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) Worth To Buy ?

This is flagship smartphone which is introduce at 2018, SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 / S9+ (PLUS) have many good features for everyone to do any work. We are recommended to have this phone if we have good and enough budget.

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