Important Issues of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL with Advantages and Disadvantages Review

Please read more information about GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL from our point of view. More advantages and disadvantages will give better information before buy this phone. This is the first Android smartphone from Google which release using Android Oreo version 8. After this version release, then Google officially release Android Oreo as well in for global community and manufacture.


Pros and Cons GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL body and features

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL have thin bezel for the LCD screen. It have 6 inches screen width using 18:9 aspect ratio to make this phone more easy to hold although having big screen. We will not find any button at front body, but it have stereo speaker at top and button of front body. The right side will find volume button and power button. There is only simcard slot that we can find at left side of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL body.

Advantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL have IP67 certified which is mean that this phone can swim in the water for about 1 meter deep and for about 30 minutes long. Some uses maybe still keep their phone away from water although it already have water resistance certified. This phone also have Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen protector to make the screen more stronger from any scratch.

There are some goodness and drawbacks of using OLED LCD display type. First it will give more vivid color for display the photo images and videos. The screen also have qHD+ resolutions maximum 1440 x 2880 pixels. But some users also get trouble with OLED Burn in at LCD screen. If we get this kind of damage, then please find replace with new GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL smartphone as long we still at warranty period.

The internal memory can be choose for 64 GB or 128 GB. Both internal memory will have same 4 GB RAM for multitasking applications. We wish this phone have bigger RAM for more multitasking applications. But the cons of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL memory does not have external memory slots for keep more photo pictures and movie video recording.

disadvantages google pixel 2 xl

Goodness and Badness of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL Camera and Video

The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL camera have some advantages that we have to know. The main camera use 12 megapixel with aperture number f/1.8. This aperture number is very important when we need to take pictures at low light conditions. With small aperture number, then the camera sensor will take more bright light. Therefore we will have better lightness at low light situations although we are not fire on camera light flash.  Main camera also have optical image stabilization which can reduce some blur from our handshake or other small movement, it can be use at photo and video recording.

Demerits of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL does not use dual camera, but Google said the technology at GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL camera will give more better pictures if compare by other dual camera. Google seriously mix camera sensor and its images processor to give more better images. The drawbacks of single lens is the abilitie to take blur or deep of field pictures will be limited.

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL camera can record video without a lot of handshake because the OIS (optical images stabilization) also work for video recording. The movie can take maximum 4K / 30fps. But of course some users still very happy when record video at Full HD 1080p / 60fps resolutions.

The disadvantages of video recording at GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL is about bad sound quality. The are some information from some users about annoying sound receding result when taking video. However, for this conditions, Google said that they will try to fix software issue for this problems.


Possibilities Disadvantages or Drawbacks Issues of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL :

  • Does not have external MicroSD simcard slot
  • Does not have 6 GB RAM options
  • Main camera does not have dual lens
  • Video recording have bad sound quality
  • No Infrared (IR) beam
  • The battery is not removable


Is GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL Worth To Buy ?

This is high end smartphone, Google really seriously take care of this product specifications before release in the market. Although there are some disadvantages of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL, but as far Google give good warranty service, then it is very recommended to buy GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL for daily activity or heavy users. We also will get the fastest Android upgrade version among other Android smartphone family.

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