Pros and Cons Fact About XIAOMI 11I Review

XIAOMI 11I is flagship smartphone that come with 5G connection with Android 11 as factory default operating system. It has 6.67 inches screen size with AMOLED 120Hz refresh rate. We will give more information about good and bad features of XIAOMI 11I .


Some disadvantages possibilities of XIAOMI 11I :

  • Disadvantages of XIAOMI 11I operating system still use Android 11 when the first tiem release on the market. At this moment, it should get Android 12 OS. However, we just need to wait for next firmware version.
  • Drawback of XIAOMI 11I does not have real waterproof performance. This phone has IP53 rating for splash of water, therefore we can not bring this phone to swim or wash with soap.
  • Cons of XIAOMI 11I battery is not removable. The body is design with unibody that make battery cover is not removable. This is not big problems, but we only will get troubles if the battery get damage or reach life time limit. We can not replace by our self. We have to bring this phone to Xiaomi authorized service center to replace with original battery.
  • Demerit of XIAOMI 11I does not have NFC connections. We can not use this phone to use for tapping payment or transfer data with NFC, but we can use other options like using QR code for online payment or use other connection for data transfer.


disadvantages xiaomi 11i

Some Advantages of XIAOMI 11I :

  • Advantages of XIAOMI 11I work with big internal memory with 128 GB or 256 GB.
  • Goodness of XIAOMI 11I have three rear camera at back side body with 108 MP f/1.9 for standard wide + 8 MP f/2.2 for 120 degree ultrawide + 2 MP f/2.4 for macro.
  • Pros of XIAOMI 11I LCD screen use AMOLED type with 6.67 inches size, full HD+ resolutions with 1080 x 2400 pixels. The screen have fast refresh rate at 120Hz.
  • Advantages of XIAOMI 11I has external memory slot. Although we have to share with secondary simcard network, but at least we still may extend our storage using MicroSDXC if we need it.
  • Strength of XIAOMI 11I have big battery capacity at 5160 mAh.
  • Advantages of XIAOMI 11I has infrared for make this phone work as remote control.
  • Pros of XIAOMI 11I has fast charging 65W.
  • Goodness of XIAOMI 11I have stereo speaker for optimized sound output
  • We like XIAOMI 11I because it has 3.5 mm headphone jack. Therefore we still can use our old headphone or connect this phone directly to external audio devices which does not have Bluetooth connections.


Other Strength and Weakness Considerations of XIAOMI 11I

This phone is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G processor with big internal storage options 128 GB or 256 GB working on UFS 2.2. It has big RAM options with 6 GB or 8 GB for multitasking performance. We also can use MicroSDXC for extend phone storage, usually for keep more photos and videos that shoot from rear or front camera. The processor work with total octa-core cpu with two clusters. First is work with 2 x 2.5 GHz Cortex-A78 and the second work with  6 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55. This phone has dedicated GPU GPU Mali-G68 MC4 for playing games at 950 MHz clock speed.


XIAOMI 11I Camera Advantages / Disadvantages Review

XIAOMI 11I release with four multi camera 108 megapixel f/1.9 for standard wide + 8 megapixel f/2.2 for 120 degree ultrawide + 2 megapixel f/2.4 for macro.

disadvantages xiaomi 11i camera

XIAOMI 11I has bright video result because it is work with HDR10 with accurate color and detail. We have to know that main camera 108 megapixel has effective 12 megapixel resolution that work with 9 in 1 pixel binning. This camera can record movie up to 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 960fps.


Is XIAOMI 11I worth to buy ?

XIAOMI 11I has big screen at 6.67 inches size with AMOLED screen type and have high refresh rate 120Hz for smooth transitions. It very good for play games and watch movie. We can choose big internal memory 128 GB or 256 GB. Having external memory is plus point for buying this phone, although we have to shared with secondary simcard slot. With 5160 mAh battery capacity, we can use this phone for longer time. It is also has fast charging 67W. We recommended to buy XIAOMI 11I.

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