Pros and Cons Fact at SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 Review

These are some summarize about good and bad features at SAMSUNG GALAXY A11.
This phone release on March 2020.


Some disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 :

  • Weakness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 only have limited RAM start from 2 GB and 3 GB. RAM is very important for run multitasking applications. If we have limited RAM, then this phone will often force close some idle applications, and we will get delay or lag time while that process happen.
  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 front camera does not have LED light flash to help take pictures at low light room. We can use LCD brightness to help taking photos at low light situations.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 body is not water resistance. Because this is cheap smartphone, then please stay away from water.
  • Demerit of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 does not have Infra Red sensor which usually can make our phone become remote control. Not very important however.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 battery is not removable. It mean we need to bring to Samsung authorized service center when the battery get troubles or need to replace.
  • Weakness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 does not have wireless charging technology. Wireless charging usually available at high end smartphone. This phone still have 15W fast charging technology
  • Drawbacks of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 does not have NFC data connections. NFC usually use for data transfer or wireless payment system.


disadvantages samsung galaxy a11

Some Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 :

  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 already use Android 10.0 as factory default operating system. Therefore we do not have to worry about firmware upgrade for several months.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 have triple camera at back side body with 13 MP f/1.8 for standard wide + 5 MP f/2.2 for Ultrawide + 2 MP f/2.4 for DOF. For daily activity, we can use standard wide. For portrait, we can use 2 megapixel for Bokeh or blur effect.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 still have 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is easy to connect with our current headset.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 have dedicated external memory MicroSD card slot, for keep other files like photos and videos.
  • Strength of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 have big battery 4000 mAh to make it work more longer.


Other Considerations of SAMSUNG GALAXY A11

Fast charging is very important for today’s smartphone, because when our battery is empty, we need to charge it fast. However, we have to know that we only can charge with specific charger. Not all charger can charge SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 quickly.


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 worth to buy ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY A11 is entry level smartphone with limited specifications. If we do not need to buy high end smartphone and have small budget for cheap Android phone, then this phone is recommended to buy.

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