Pros and Cons Fact at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G Review

These are some summarize about good and bad features at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G review. Most important feature is 5G gigabit broadband. It is comes with Android 10.0 when the first time introduce at the market. The road map for this phone have two product model version SM-A516F/DSN for Global and SM-A516N only for South Korea.

Some disadvantages possibilities of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G :

  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G front camera does not have LED light flash to help take pictures at low light room. This phone have single front camera with small dot at top of the screen. If the situations is too dark, then we can use screen brightness for light resource.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G body is not water resistance. The body made from plastic and rounded with aluminium frame.
  • Demerit of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G does not have Infra Red sensor which usually can make our phone become remote control.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G battery is not removable. This phone use unibody design, therefore the battery should use non removable type. The problems maybe happen when we need to replace the broken battery. We need to ask Samsung service center for replace the battery.
  • Weakness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G does not have wireless charging technology. Wireless charging usually available at high end smartphone. But this phone have fast charging 15W for help recharge more quickly.


disadvantages samsung galaxy a51 5g

Some Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G :

  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G have dedicated external memory. Because of that, although we use MicroSDXC for external memory, this phone still can work with dual simcard network for dual simcard mode.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G already use Android 10.0 as factory default operating system. At year Q2 2020, Android 10.0 still the latest Android version.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G have quad main camera at back side body with 48 MP f/2.0 for standard wide + 12 MP f/2.2 for Ultrawide + 5 MP f/2.2 for Macro, 5 MP f/2.2 for DOF.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G still have 3.5 mm headphone jack. We can not get maximum sound quality when using internal speaker phone. With 3.5 mm audio/headphone jack, we can easily connect to external audio resources or high quality head-set.
  • Strength of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G have big battery 4500 mAh. This phone can work for one day. The fast charging 15W technology is very important when we need faster charging time, but please note that we need to use special fast charger as well.


Other Considerations of SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G

We can see vivid color display at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G LCD, because it use Super AMOLED 6.5″ screen type with Full HD+ resolutions. The screen also already build-in with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen protector.

But we still recommended to give official Samsung film protections. Please do not use any 3th party screen protections, because SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G use under display fingerprint sensor. Many users get hard to use fingerprint sensor for unlock this phone. The usage of non standard screen protection will make fingerprint sensor work not accurate.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G use Exynos 980 Octa Core processor. This processor is work with hyper-fast 5G data broadband for stream movie or download. It is also have multi-mode modem for choose 4G or other connections when 5G is not available at our location. It is work with several important performance such as intelligent AI technology for give high quality photo processing. This processor also help SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G to run game faster, because it have dedicated Arm Mali-G76 MP5 GPU for reduce game lags and load time and also render game with realistic experience.


SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G Have Good Four Camera And Beautiful Front Camera

samsung galaxy a51 5g camera

SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G have four good quality of rear camera with 48 MP f/2.0 for wide + 12 MP f/2.2 for Ultrawide as wide as 123 degree +5 MP f/2.2 for Macro + 5 MP f/2.2 for DOF. For daily activity, we can use standard wide 48 megapixel which work with f/2.0 aperture number for help taking more light at our phone. If we want to capture wide landscape, then we can use 12 megapixel 123 degree wide angel lens. This phone also have 5 MP for macro and 5 MP for Bokeh portrait effect.



Is SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G worth to buy ?

5G is important features at SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G. This phone use good mid-end processor with Exynos 980 for playing games and doing any activity. Four camera at back side also good options for anyone who like to take street photography. SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 5G is recommended to buy.

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