Pros and Cons Fact at XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G Review

These are some summarizes about good and bad features at XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G:

Some disadvantages of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G :

  • Demerit of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G front camera use single lens and also does not have LED light flash. The front camera located at top of the screen with small notch drop.
  • Disadvantages of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G does not have stereo speaker. This phone can be connected to external devices using Bluetooth or headphone jack.
  • Cons of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G battery is not removable. To make the body as thin as possible, then battery should be non removable type. After use 2 years or more, the battery performance will reduce. Then we need to replace with new original battery at Xiaomi authorized service center.
  • Drawbacks of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G body is not water resistance.


disadvantages xiaomi redmi 10x 5g

Some Advantages of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G :

  • 5G is most advantages of this phone. We can buy other version with maximum 4G data broadband.
  • Advantages of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G have several internal memory and RAM options. Start with 64 GB / 6 GB RAM or 128 GB / 6 GB RAM or 256 GB / 8 GB RAM.
  • Goodness of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G have external memory dedicated slot for MicroSD / MicroSDXC. Having external memory is important for add more storage for keep more photos  videos taken from rear or front camera.
  • Pros of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G have multi camera at back side body with 48 MP f/1.8 for standard wide + 8 MP f/2.2 for for ultrawide 119 degree + 2 MP f/2.4 for DOF or Bokeh.
  • Pros of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G still have 3.5 mm headphone jack, we can connect our phone to any headphone jack or headset or external audio resources.
  • Pros of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G LCD screen resolutions already have Full HD+ with 1080 x 2400 pixels.
  • Strength of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G have big battery capacity at 4520 mAh. We can use this phone longer for work or entertainment. This phone have fast charging 22.5W.


XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G Camera Advantages / Disadvantages

There are triple camera at XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G back side body, start with 48 megapixel with big aperture number f/1.8. It is important for give more brightness photos, when take at low light situations. If the room is very dark, then we can use LED light flash. Demerit of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G rear camera does not have telephoto lens.


Other Strength and Weakness Considerations of XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G

XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G already use AMOLED screen type with 6.57 inche LCD wide. The screen already protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This phone in-display fingerprint sensor. It mean we will not find fingerprint sensor hardware at any location, because it is located under display. Some users get troubles with under-display fingerprint accuracy, especially when use non standard screen protector.

XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G processor use MediaTek MT6875 Dimensity 820 5G. It is work with 64 bit and 7 nm processor technology. Therefore this phone can have maximum 8 GB RAM for multitasking. This processor is design for high power multimedia, AI and image processing. It have essential 2CC Carrier Aggregation for smart support of 5G data connection. For make better gaming experience, this processor already supported with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0.


Is XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G worth to buy ?

XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G is good options for anyone who need 5G gigabit smartphone with better gaming performance. This phone also have IR to make it work as remote control. There are some template that we can use for control some devices. XIAOMI REDMI 10X 5G is recommended to buy.

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