Pros and Cons Fact MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 Review

We will give more information about MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022. This is foldable smartphone that work with 5G connection. At some area, this phone also call by Motorola Razr 3 and Motorola Razr Gen 3. It is release on August 2022 with high-end performance.


Some disadvantages possibilities of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 :

  • Disadvantages of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 does not have real waterproof performance. It has water repellent coating to ignore some splash of water. But we can not bring this phone to swim or can not wash this phone with soap to clean up any viruses.
  • Cons of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 battery is not removable. It is normal too have non removable battery at this small smartphone, because it has 7.6 mm thickness. We will get some troubles when MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 3 battery is corrupt or end of life. We have to replace with original battery at Motorola authorized service center.
  • Drawback of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 does not have infrared sensor. We can not use this phone to remove some devices using IR.
  • Demerit of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 / RAZR Gen 3 does not have external memory slot, therefore we can not use MicroSDXC to extend our storage.
  • Disadvantages of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 does not have 3.5 mm headphone jack. We need to use Bluetooth or USB-C  to 3.5 mm jack converter to connect with external audio devices.
  • Cons of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 fingerprint sensor is under display with optical sensor. Some users get slowly issues or sensitivity when using in-display fingerprint sensor. We have to remove any 3th party screen protection or tempered glass.


disadvantages motorola moto razr 2022


Some Advantages of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 :

  • The most important advantages is folded screen. MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 LCD screen use POLED type with 6.7 inches size when open with full operation. The secondary display size is 2.7 inches with G-OLED screen type when folded.
  • The main screen has high-refresh rate 144Hz and HDR10+.
  • Pros of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 work with big internal memory with 128 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB. It has 8 GB or 12 GB RAM options for multitasking.
  • Advantages of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 have two rear camera with 50 MP f/1.9 for standard wide + 13 MP f/2.2 for 121 degree ultrawide.
  • Cons of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 has fast charging 33W.
  • Goodness of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 has NFC for data transfer.
  • Advantages of MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 has stereo speaker sound system.


Is MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 worth to buy ?

MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022 is other alternative for any users who want to have smaller phone size when they put it on the pocket. When it is folded, we can see any notifications with secondary 2.7 inches screen. This phone give impressive performance because it is working with flagship processor Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and Adreno 730 GPU for support playing heavy games.

There are three options internal storage that we can choose using 128 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB. More bigger is better because this phone does not have external memory slot for MicroSD. All installed applications, data and photos videos will be saved inside internal memory. We suggest to buy at least 256 GB version.

As flagship smartphone, this phone has good camera features with 50 megapixel for wide and 13 megapixel for 121 degree ultrawide, we can record movie up to 4K at 30fps or using 1080p for get higher refresh rate 120fps. It has internal images stabilization using OIS (optical images stabilization) and gyro-EIS (electronic images stabilization) to reduce some blur when taking photos or record movie.

This phone only has smaller battery capacity at 3500 mAh, because it has smaller body when folded. But when we use smaller screen to read notifications, then the battery will consume smaller energy. This phone also has high-end processor Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 that work with 4 nm technology for battery efficiency. This phone is very interesting to have and to use at any situations. We recommended to buy MOTOROLA MOTO RAZR 2022.

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