Pros and Cons Fact NOKIA G11 PLUS Review

NOKIA G11 PLUS. This phone can not work with 5G connection because it use 4G processor Unisoc T606 with  Mali-G57 MP1 GPU. The screen size is 6.52 inches and work with Android 12.


Some disadvantages possibilities of NOKIA G11 PLUS :

  • Drawback of NOKIA G11 PLUS is not waterproof.
  • Cons of NOKIA G11 PLUS battery is not removable. This is normal because the unibody thickness is 8.6 mm. We will get some troubles when the battery is end of life or broken. It is not easy to replace by our-self. We have to replace with original battery at Nokia authorized service center.
  • Disadvantages of NOKIA G11 PLUS especially with smallest RAM 3 GB. It is not too good for multitasking applications.
  • Drawback of NOKIA G21 do not have NFC for wireless payment or for transfer data.
  • Disadvantages of NOKIA G21 does not have Infra-Red sensor for make it as remote control.
  • Demerit of NOKIA G11 PLUS LCD screen only has HD resolutions.


disadvantages nokia g11 plus


Some Advantages of NOKIA G11 PLUS :

  • Advantages of NOKIA G11 PLUS has external memory slot for MicroSD memory card. We can extend our storage memory for keep our photos and videos.
  • Pros of NOKIA G11 PLUS screen has big size at 6.52 inches. We can use it for play games or watch movie without problems. Having big screen also will make typing on virtual keyboard become more easy.
  • Strength of NOKIA G11 PLUS have big battery capacity at 5000 mAh. Many users can use this phone for two days.
  • Advantages of NOKIA G11 PLUS has 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect with external audio resources.


Is NOKIA G11 PLUS worth to buy ?

NOKIA G11 PLUS is entry level smartphone with Unisoc T606 processor that has 12 nm FinFET technology. We can play some simple games with its dedicated GPU Mali-G57 MP1. It has splash of water protection, but we can not bring this phone to swim or please do not wash with water and soap to clean up some viruses. We can choose to buy single or dual simcard slot standby together for two different phone numbers.

The HD screen size is 6.52 inches with 90Hz refresh rate. We can play almost all movie from Youtube or other streaming providers using HD resolutions. Can we play Full HD movie? No, the Full HD movie will be playing with lag or stuck. However, almost all FHD movie have lower resolutions with HD or below. We can use dual camera 50 megapixel + 2 megapixel at back side body.

This phone release at July 2022 with Android 12 as factory default operating system. This cheap smartphone work without 5G, but we can use 4G LTE for broadband Internet access. This phone has fingerprint at back side body and also has fast WiFi AC connections. We can connect this phone with external flash disk / flash drive using OTG converter. There are two colors with Lake Blue and Charcoal Grey. If we are fine with 4G LTE broadband connections, then NOKIA G11 PLUS is recommended to buy.

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