Pros and Cons Fact OPPO FIND N2 FLIP Review

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is a foldable smartphone with a 6.8 inches main screen and a 3.26 inch cover screen. The processor is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ and has a dual camera system on the back. The phone is available in two colors: black and white.

Some disadvantages possibilities of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP :

  • Drawbacks of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP does not have external memory slot for MicroSD, but we can use 256 GB or 512 GB internal storage capacity.
  • Cons of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP battery is not removable. this phone should make body as thin as possible, therefore the battery cover is not removable. However, the problems will happen when the battery corrupted or end of life. We need to replace it at Oppo authorized service center.
  • Disadvantages of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP is not water resistance. Please do not bring this phone to swim.
  • Demerit of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP does not have 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect with external audio devices.


disadvantages OPPO FIND N2 FLIP


Some Advantages of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP :

  • Advantages of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP big internal memory with 256 GB or 512 GB.
  • Goodness of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP has big RAM with 8 GB or 12 GB or 16 GB. This is important for multitasking performance.
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  • Pros of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP screen use LTPO AMOLED screen 6.8 inches and secondary screen 3.26 when flipped.
  • Strength of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP have great battery capacity at 4300 mAh.
  • Pros of OPPO FIND N2 FLIP has NFC for data transfer or wireless payment.


Is OPPO FIND N2 FLIP worth to buy ?

OPPO FIND N2 FLIP is powered by Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ processor. It is a high-end mobile processor that based on the TSMC N4 process node and has several CPU with  Cortex-X2 core up to 3.2 GHz, three Cortex-A710 cores that work up to 2.85 GHz, and four Cortex-A510 cores that work up to 1.8 GHz. It has GPU ARM Mali-G710 MC10 for support gaming performance.

Overall, the OPPO Find N2 Flip is a good phone with some drawbacks. This is good options for foldable smartphone with a great main screen and a powerful processor, then the OPPO FIND N2 FLIP Flip is a good option. However, if you are looking for a phone with an water resistance and has wireless charging and have more better camera result, then this phone is not good options, because the prices is not cheap at all.


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