Pros and Cons Fact SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G Review

After success with 4G version of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23, then Samsung continue release 5G version with SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G. This phone introduce on September 2022 with 6.6 inches LCD screen size. It has 90Hz refresh rate and FHD+ resolution at 1080 x 2408 pixels.


Some disadvantages possibilities of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G :

  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G does not have NFC for wireless payment or data transfer.
  • Drawbacks of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G battery is not removable. It is normal because this phone has 8.4 mm unibody thickness. We will get some troubles if the battery corrupt or end of life. We have to replace with original battery at Samsung authorized service center.
  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G body is not water resistance. We can not bring this phone to swim.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G camera only can record up to 1080p without 4K resolutions. But mostly using 1080p is enough for most situations.


disadvantages samsung galaxy a23 5g


Some Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G :

  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G already installed with Android 12 operating system.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G have two options of internal memory with 64 GB or 128 GB. All installed applications by default will use internal memory location for keep their data.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G has external memory for MicroSDXC.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G has two options of RAM with 4 GB or 6 GB. More bigger is better for running multitasking applications.
  • Strength of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G screen use big screen 6.6 inches LCD size with Full HD resolutions and 90Hz resolutions.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G have big battery capacity at 5000 mAh. Therefore we can work more then one day for standard activity. It is also has fast charging technology 25W.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G has 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G has enhanced security with Knox Security system.



Like previous version, this phone also has RAM Plus. The 4 GB RAM can be extend up to 8 GB RAM  when we use RAM Plus feature. It will use internal storage for swap memory and extend the RAM capacity to reduce lagging when running apps or games.


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G worth to buy ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G is powered by Qualcomm SM6375 Snapdragon 695 5G processor. Therefore we can use 5G connection at available network. However, we also can use 4G LTE for other alternative. This processor use 6 nm FinFET technology for battery efficiency. With Adreno 619 for graphic rendering, playing games is getting more fun. This processor can work up to 2.2 Ghz for heavy intensive applications or games.

Although this phone does not have NFC, but there are some alternative way to transfer data such as using Bluetooth or Wifi Direct. For wireless payment, we can not tapping directly with SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G, but we can use bar-code scanner for cashless payment. This phone also does not have infrared bluster for make it work as remote control.

There are four back side camera that we can use with 50 megapixel for wide with OIS (optical images stabilization) + 5 megapixel for 123 degree ultrawide + 2 megapixel for macro + 2 megapixel for depth of field. Front camera resolution is 8 megapixel. All rear and front camera able to record movie up to 1080p at 30fps. Please note, having OIS is very helpful to reduce handshake blur.

It is very fun to have fast charging 25W because we can recharge faster, but we have to use proper SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G power charger. The charger inside box is only work with 15W fast charging. We need to use 3th party charger if we want to use 25W fast charging. There are four color version that we can choose with Black, White, Peach and Blue.  SAMSUNG GALAXY A23 5G is recommended to buy.

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