Pros and Cons Fact SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 Review

SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 is Android 13 smartphone that work together with One UI 5.1 Samsung user interface. It has colorful screen with Super AMOLED 6.7 inches and also has high refresh rate 120Hz for smooth transition and scrolling. We can use 5G and 4G LTE connection depend on network availability.


Some disadvantages possibilities of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 :

  • Drawbacks of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 battery is not removable. When Samsung try to make thin smartphone with 8.4 mm thickness then the battery should removable. We only will get troubles when battery corrupt or end of life. We have to bring this phone to Samsung authorized service center.
  • Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 body is not water resistance. We should avoid this phone from contact to water.
  • Drawbacks of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 does not have headphone jack 3.5mm. We can not directly connect to old headset. Please use USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack converter to connect with external audio devices.
  • Cons of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 prices is not cheap for mid-end generation smartphone.


disadvantages SAMSUNG GALAXY M54


Some Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 :

  • This phone already use Android 13 when the first time release at the market.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has A large screen with 6.6-inch display. It is use large 6.7 inches Super AMOLED display with high refresh rate 120Hz.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 work with A powerful 5nm Exynos 1380.
  • Advantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has A long-lasting 6000mAh battery that can work more then two days for standard activity.
  • Strength of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has triple-lens rear camera system with a 108MP for wide + 8 MP for ultrawide + 2 MP for macro.
  • Pros of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has NFC for data transfer or wireless payment.
  • Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has enhanced security with Knox Security system.



SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has Virtual RAM, which uses some of the phone’s storage space to create additional RAM. This can be helpful for multitasking or running demanding apps. Some apps will consume too much RAM, therefore when physically RAM is low then virtual RAM will work for it. To enable Virtual RAM on the Samsung Galaxy M54, go to Settings > Device care > RAM > Virtual RAM



Advantages and Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 Camera

SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has a triple rear camera system with 108MP main sensor for wide, an 8MP for ultrawide, and the last camera is 2MP for macro sensor. We can get great photos in good lighting conditions, with plenty of detail and accurate colors using main rear camera.

The 8 megapixel ultrawide sensor at SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 capture good wide shots, although it does suffer from some distortion at the edges. However, the macro camera 2 megapixel sensor is not as useful, as it can only take close-up shots of subjects that are very close to the camera.

SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 front selfie camera resolution is 32MP sensor that takes great quality result for selfies. Photos are sharp and detailed, with natural-looking skin tones. We can record movie up to 4K using front and rear cameras. Main camera has OIS for reduce handshake blur effect.


Is SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 worth to buy ?

SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 is 5G smartphone that has dual simcard slot and release for mid-end smartphone. This phone is powered by the Exynos 1380 processor, which is an octa-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.4 GHz. The Exynos 1380 is a mid-range processor that is designed for gaming and multitasking. It is a capable processor that can handle most tasks with ease.

SAMSUNG GALAXY M54 has main advantages like clear screen using Super AMOLED, big battery capacity with 6000 mAh size and also has good quality camera with OIS (optical images stabilization). There are some disadvantages like missing 3.5mm headphone jack and no water resistance smartphone. We recommended to buy SAMSUNG GALAXY M54.


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