What Is Good or Bad from HTC ONE (M7) Review?

We will discuss about advantage and disadvantage from HTC One. HTC One also known as HTC M7. This smartphone have several things to consider when you decided to buy it. This is Android Jelly Bean operating system phone and upgrade able to newest version while available. Let’s see the Specifications of HTC ONE (M7) :

  • GSM 3G HSDPA for Broadband Data
  • Display LCD 4.7 inches wide
  • Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen
  • Back Camera big camera sensor with 4 MP, 2688 x 1520 pixels, autofocus, LED flash with Front Camera for video conference
  • Processor CPU Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 with GPU
  • Power Non-removable Li-Ion Li-Po 2300 mAh battery


disadvantages htc one m7


What is Advantages of HTC ONE (M7) ?

HTC ONE (M7) have very good LCD screen with type Super LCD3, the color is good and with top brightness.

HTC ONE (M7) have new Ultrapixel camera, this is the new smartphone camera with bigger camera sensor to make the picture become better if compare with other smartphone.

HTC ONE (M7) have dual front speaker, when you hear the music or watch the movie from HTC ONE (M7) will give fantastic sound system.

HTC ONE (M7) run faster with 1.7Ghz quad core processor and has 2GB memory RAM

HTC ONE (M7) have battery capacity as big as 2300mAh, it can make you use this smartphone more longger before need to charge


What is Disadvantages of HTC ONE (M7) / HTC One Problems?

HTC ONE (M7) price is so high for smartphone.

HTC ONE (M7) megapixel sometime make us worry to thing how many time we can digital zoom the picture, but do not worry, because digital zoom is not recommended to do.

HTC ONE (M7) battery is not removable, we need to go to service center to change the battery.

HTC ONE (M7) video recording fps is not stable if the light conditions is not constant.

HTC ONE (M7) battery charging time is so long. But this is ok because the battery of HTC ONE (M7) is big 2300mAh.


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