We will try to give more information about XIAOMI MI DRONE which release at 2016. This is the first Drone product from Xiaomi. As we know the very famous mid range Drone product is related to DJI Phantom, then now we have alternative good product from Xiaomi with MI DRONE. Please note, we are not said that Xiaomi MI DRONE is bad, but this article will talk about every aspect of Xiaomi MI DRONE.

MI DRONE have removable module for the camera. The camera can be attache to this Drone and can be rotate 360 degrees with special anti-shake technology which can make video become smooth, yes it use gimbal for normalize the video stabilization.

MI DRONE remote control module have smartphone attachment slot, of course the size is fit to Xiaomi smartphone. After pairing the Android smartphone with Xiaomi camera with special applications, then we can see several information beside the video itself, like signal, MI DRONE can be control with remote control around 2 KM far.

disadvantages xiaomi mi drone

From remote control we can press the button to Automatically Take Off or Automatically Landing, just press that button than MI DRONE will be fly automatically at 4 meters high. After that we can use remote control to navigate MI DRONE where ever we want. We can see the signal strength at Android screen to make sure our MI DRONE still at our remote control coverage. MI DRONE will be auto landing if we press the same button again. Do not worry about landing at wrong area, because MI DRONE can record the first location it fly and will be back again to that location when landing.


More About Disadvantages and Advantages of XIAOMI MI DRONE Camera and Battery Life

XIAOMI MI DRONE release with Quadcopter model, white colors and have light LED at the body. It will give several information about that light. Camera at MI DRONE can be remove from the body if we need something to do. When we want to buy MI DRONE, please choose the correct camera resolutions that we want to have, because XIAOMI MI DRONE release in the market with 2 type of camera, first is 12 MP maximum 4K resolutions, and the second models is 16 MP maximum 1080p resolutions.

How about the battery weakness of MI DRONE? This Quadcopter use 5.100 mAh battery capacity, it can fly about 27 minutes, we still not get information about extended battery life of MI DRONE. Maybe we will update this information later. But the most advantages of MI DRONE is about the price, this product will be sell around $500, depend on the country.

With many features of MI DRONE, good camera, battery life, elegant design, auto pilot features, and cheap quadcopter price, then XIAOMI MI DRONE will give more advantages if compare with other previous quadcopter drone like DJI Phantom 4 which have more then $1300 selling price in the market.