Do Not Buy APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) / SE2 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Please read more information about APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) from our point of view. Please note, we are not saying that this phone is totally bad, but at least we give some features that we are not satisfied, and of course other good features. This phone is release at April 2020 with several model A2298, A2275, A2296 and also have alternative name such as APPLE IPHONE SE2 or APPLE IPHONE SE 2nd GENERATION.


Several Drawback and Cons of APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) / SE2

  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) comes with smaller screen size at 4.7 inches, but still use fantastic Retina Display LCD touch screen. Some users need smaller smartphone to make it more easy for keep inside pocket.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) screen design is not full screen, it have big top and bottom bezel frame.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) does not have external memory, but this is always happen at all iPhone products.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) RAM is only 3 GB, many application will need more RAM.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) does not have 3.5mm audio jack, but we can use Bluetooth or Lightning converter.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) Only have single camera for front or rear camera.
  • APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) Battery capacity is less then 2000 mAh, exactly at 1821 mAh.

disadvantages apple iphone se (2020) / se2 / 2nd gen

Other Consideration About APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) / IPHONE SE2

APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) powered by Apple A13 Bionic processor which is the latest 64 bit ARM-Based processor, it have 6 core CPU with 2 x 2.65 GHz Lightning + 4 x 1.8 GHz Thunder, this phone have good performance while playing HD games because Apple GPU with 4 Core Graphics technology. This processor design with high efficiency power usage 7 nm+ but still have better speed for running all latest applications.

APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) use single camera 12 megapixel using Sony sensor with big aperture number f/1.8 for better brightness result when take photos or videos at low light situations. Although only use single camera, it have superior result because work together with Apple A13 Bionic processor for fast and accurate AI. The rear camera have OIS (optical image stabilization) for reduce hand shake while taking photos or videos. Unfortunately the front selfie camera only use 7 megapixel resolution, but still enough for take good selfie photos with Bokeh effect.

APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) is good choice for anyone who need small screen smartphone, because it use 4.7 inches Retina HD diplay with True Tone color performance, so it will give natural color view experience. For watching movie, having good quality sound system also important to give better experience, therefore APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) / SE2 Second Generation support Stereo Audio sound system.

APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) have water resistance body design with IP67 rating to make this phone still work at 1 meter inside water for 30 minutes. APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) have fast charging and Qi-certified for wireless charging technology.


Is APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) / SE2 (2nd Generation) Recommended to Buy ?

For anyone who do not like big LCD screen, then having APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) is recommended to buy, beside the price is cheap, this phone still give good experience while using LCD screen and take photos at any situations.

This article is talking about https://www disadvantages info/smartphone-tablet/do-not-buy-apple-iphone-se-2020-se2-before-read-our-important-disadvantages-and-advantages-review/, https://www disadvantages info/smartphone-tablet/do-not-buy-apple-iphone-se-2020-se2-before-read-our-important-disadvantages-and-advantages-review/#:~:text=APPLE IPHONE SE (2020) does use Bluetooth or Lightning converter. You can find other topic at our related post bellow.

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