Do Not Buy MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

This is the first Lumia smartphone which does not use Nokia brand, the new name is MICROSOFT LUMIA 535. After Microsoft bought Nokia company, they start to re-branding their smartphone product. Because the famous low price Nokia product is Nokia Lumia 520, then now Microsoft company start to release the successors with new brand Microsoft Lumia 535 (not using Nokia Lumia 535 anymore).

Please note, at this article, we will try to give some other aspect for your additional reference before buy MICROSOFT LUMIA 535.  Some other users maybe can give more information about the advantage or disadvantage of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 later.


The Specifications of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535

  • GSM 3G HSDPA for Broadband Data (Dual Sim and Single Sim)
  • Display LCD 5 inches IPS touch screen
  • LCD resolution 540 x 960 pixels
  • Internal memory 8 GB with 1 GB RAM
  • Back Camera 5 MP, 2592 x 1936 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
  • Processor CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 from Qualcomm
  • Power Li-Ion 1905 mAh
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1


What is Strength and Weakness for MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 ?

MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 come with Single GSM Simcard and Dual GSM simcard. Unfortunately this phone does not have 4G LTE, this product only have GSM 3G HSDPA for broadband network., for some users maybe this is one of disadvantage of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535, but as we know, using HSDPA with maximum 42MB data transfer is more than enough to use at our smartphone.

Price is one of our consideration before buy the smartphone. The Advantage of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 cheap price will become interesting product to buy. Microsoft want to bring the success story of Nokia Lumia 520 at this phone, that is why they try to sell MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 bellow $200, but please note, the price will different for each region country, please find the best price for Microsoft Lumia 535 at your nearest Nokia authorize store.

disadvantages microsoft lumia 535

The 5 inches IPS LCD screen is one of advantage at MICROSOFT LUMIA 535, but the drawback of this LCD screen is low resolution at 540 x 960 pixels. However, with this screen specification we still can see clearly for Youtube movie which usually already good enough at 480p video size. Playing HD games will run without problem at MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 because this phone already use dedicated GPU (graphic processor unit) using Adreno 302. Reading web information and typing for some applications will give more advantage as well because with bigger LCD screen makes the soft keyboard button will become bigger and easy to touch.

What is the disadvantage using Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 operating system at Microsoft Lumia 520? Well, at this time, there are more and more software company create their product for Microsoft Windows Phone as well. Although we know iOS and Android still the biggest community and applications at their applications store, but Microsoft have strategy for always never stop trying to approach some software company to release for Windows Phone OS, some of them with barter advantage, but the final result is to make the Windows Phone Store become more complete and will make more users like to use Microsoft Windows Phone product. For example, the Blackberry also create the official release for their BBM (Blackberry Messenger), because far before Microsoft buy the Nokia product, Blackberry competitor Whatsapp already release the Whatsapp chat for Nokia Symbian and also Microsoft Windows Phone. That is why the Whatsapp users become more bigger then Blackberry Messenger users.

Let see the advantage of processor hardware at MICROSOFT LUMIA 535. Microsoft understand that using Quad Core 1.2 Ghz processor clock speed and 1 GB RAM is one advantage for users to choose this phone. As we know Microsoft have good memory management for their applications, therefore their 512 MB RAM still run without problem for daily activity, but now at new MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 using 1GB RAM will give more power strength for running more multitasking applications.

There are some drawback and benefit for MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 camera, the megapixel of front and back main camera are have same size at 5 megapixel. This is good news for selfie lover users because they can take bigger size from front camera, but if we want to get more serious pictures, then MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 also maximum have 5 megapixel at 2592 x 1936 pixels for its main camera at back side. Because some other smartphone already have 8 megapixel or 13 megapixel for their main camera. However, the result of 5 megapixel is more then enough for see at maximum size using computer monitor or share to social media. Other advantages of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 camera are about having LED Light Flash and good autofocus to get better images.

The Drawback of battery at MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 is also our consideration, because it have only 1905 mAh battery capacity, this is not enough because this phone use 5 inches LCD screen and quad core processor, for standard daily activity maybe we have to charge twice a day. But we can do some adjustment for MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 battery capacity disadvantage, like turn off some not use connection such as Bluetooth or Wifi or GPS, and use low brightness at LCD screen will help to give more battery life before need to charge.


We hope some information at this article will give additional consideration before buying the MICROSOFT LUMIA 535, we not say that MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 are bad, this phone have so much advantages for everyone, but we should collect more information about the advantage and disadvantage before having this phone. Please share your additional information for us by use the comment bellow.


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  1. Lumia 535 got a LUMIA CAMERA, but have no option to zoom it. How about that? can u please help me with this.

    1. To enable zoom option on lumia 535 you can download an app named as one shot for more call me at 9571063698 i am lumia 535 and 930 owner

  2. I like to buy this phone by seeing these disadvantages I think I don’t want
    Thank you for saying

  3. Hello sir i have nokia e63 with latest update bt u know nokia still sell their name so can i replace my mob with microsoft mobile if yes pls tell me which one my budget 10000 i’m game developer

  4. I really do like mcrosoft lumia 535 by thier advantages front and back camera have the same clear images unlike by the other phone. applications are good enough through internet connection it run’s fast and clear.. 🙂

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