Do Not Buy BLACKBERRY KEYONE Android Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

We will try to give more information about pros and cons of BLACKBERRY KEYONE which release in the year 2017. This is Android smartphone from Blackberry which use Qwerty Keyboard, use Android Nougat as factory default operating system. Some users maybe would like to have big screen smartphone, but BLACKBERRY KEYONE only have 4.5 inches LCD screen, but do not get wrong about this size, because 4.5 inches is without QWERTY keyboard. Therefore this phone still very reliable and fun to type for chatting or email or word processing. One feature that very important at Blackberry smartphone is about fun Qwerty keyboard, and we can find it at BLACKBERRY KEYONE. This screen also have abilities to split for different applications open together.

When the time BLACKBERRY KEYONE release in the market, it use middle end smartphone specification. Like use Android Nougat 7.1, Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 with Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53, GPU use Adreno 506. The goodness of BLACKBERRY KEYONE RAM use 3 GB for multitasking apps with with 32 GB internal memory. It is very important to have bigger internal memory because all installed applications will be use internal memory. How about BLACKBERRY KEYONE external memory? BLACKBERRY KEYONE have external memory with dedicated slot, it can read and write maximum 256 GB. Usually we use external memory for keep pictures or video recording moment. Some games and big applications also use external memory to put their data.

disadvantages blackberry keyone

The Query Keyboard of BLACKBERRY KEYONE beside for use to type easily, it also can use for swipe left and right to change the screen page. And also we can setup to assign several keyboard key to open applications faster.  Blackberry have their own user interface. The home screen and right shortcut menu also will make BLACKBERRY KEYONE users become more faster to access some apps. This is Blackberry smartphone, of course we can find Blackberry Messenger as factory default applications. Just open this apps, then type our BBM username and password if we already have before. Otherwise, we can create new BBM account. But remember, this phone use Android operating system, so we can find Google Play Store to download many important applications whether free or paid apps. Just do not forget to have our own Gmail username and password.



Advantages of BLACKBERRY KEYONE security. Blackberry is about secure smartphone. As we know Blackberry have DTEK features which can make this phone become more secure for updates, privacy and other security thinks already build-in inside this phone.

Goodness of BLACKBERRY KEYONE camera use Sony IMX378 sensor which give good camera result for still pictures and also for video recording. This camera can capture images maximum 12 megapixel at back side body and 8 megapixel at front camera for selfie photography and video conference.

Demerits of Sony BLACKBERRY KEYONE is not waterproof like other high end smartphone, but that is not big problem, because this phone have full query keyboard which not easy to make it work inside water.

Goodness of BLACKBERRY KEYONE battery capacity is 3505 mAh. This is big enough to power for longer time, especially when we type easily with fun Qwerty Keyboard. Moreover, this phone have Quick charge version 3 for recharge 50% battery capacity at about 30 minutes.

Advantages of BLACKBERRY KEYONE USB use Type-C reversible port, it is become standard for some new smartphone. Using Type-C port, the USB can be reversible. This USB port also have abilities to read Flash Drive, but make sure the battery is enough when we need to read USB flash drive.

This article is talking about blackberry keyone pros and cons. You can find other topic at our related post bellow.

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