Do Not Buy DJI SPARK DRONE Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

This information will give more news about what is advantages and disadvantages from small and tiny drone from Dji which known as DJI SPARK. Why it is tiny, because this is the first DJI drone which have only 300 grams weight and easy to hold with one hand. The size of DJI SPARK is 143×143×55 mm, therefore we can call it as mini drone, but with full professional features such as able to control about 2 KM far, battery flight time is 16 minutes, the speed of DJI SPARK can go about 50 km/h, have 12 megapixel camera, 2 axis gimbal and the most interesting part is selling price of DJI SPARK less then $500. Lets read this article to see more about strength and weakness before buy DJI SPARK drone.

DJI SPARK have internal camera with 12 megapixel. The sensor size is 1/2.3″ using CMOS sensor type. It is already big enough to take good pictures and record video maximum Full HD at 1080p resolutions, the bitrate of video is 24 Mbps, we can take slow motion or fast forward video. The drawbacks of DJI SPARK camera is not have 4K resolutions, but this is small drone for daily activity, therefore having Full HD 1080p video recording is very impressive. DJI SPARK can record movie to smartphone or also have dedicated external memory slot (microSD) inside this drone body, it can keep all movie and photos.

disadvantages dji spark drone

DJI SPARK battery life is wonderful for small drone. DJI SPARK can fly about 16 minutes before we need to recharge the battery again. We do not need to remove battery when we want to recharge it, because DJI SPARK already have micro USB port to recharge the battery either using power adapter or using portable power bank with sufficient power of course. The battery type of DJI SPARK is LiPo 3S which have 1480 mAh power capacity. How long to recharge DJI SPARK battery? If we use standard smartphone w ith minimum 1 A current output charger, it will take about 80 minutes to full. However, if we need to have several battery for backup, we recommended to buy Charging Hub for DJI SPARK. It can charge together maximum 3 batteries of DJI SPARK with faster time about 52 minutes for 1 battery, 55 minutes for 2 battery together, 85.2 minutes for 3 battery together. That are the pros and cons of having DJI SPARK Charging Hub.


More About Disadvantages and Advantages of DJI SPARK DRONE

DJI SPARK remote control demerit can not hold smartphone bigger then 6 inches or tablet size smartphone. But there are some custom holder that we can buy as walk around. The remote control also have rechargeable battery. We need to charge the battery about 2 hours and it will work for about 2.5 hours before need to recharge again. Like other DJI remote control, it will support wireless 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz dual band frequency. We need to pair our smarpthone first before able to control it.

The advantages of DJI SPARK gesture control is very important when we are running it. We can hold this drone and rut it and take pictures follow from our gesture. We have to read carefully how navigate DJI SPARK with our hand gestures. We can take pictures without remote control, only do it with correct gesture, then pictures will be save inside this drone.

Strength and Weakness of DJI SPARK use VPS (Visual Positioning System) which is known the indoor positions using sonar and camera sensor, therefore we can fly this drone indoor without connected to GPS for known the locations. Just put the DJI SPARK at our hand, the camera should face to our body. To turn it on, press POWER button twice and DJI SPARK will turn on, after everything run, we can let it fly and use our hand gesture face to DJI SPARK camera to make it turn left or right or take pictures or back to start locations. There are several hand gestures that we need to learn before fly this drone.

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