Do Not Buy LG V30 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

More information about LG V30 to consider before buy this phone. Please note that we are not saying that LG V30 is bad, but we will try to tell about this phone from our point of view. This is phone start comes in the market at about September 2017. There are several pros and cons. This phone also call by LG V30 PLUS or H930. When the first time release in the market, the first Android operating system is Android Nougat version 7.1.2.


Goodness and Weakness of LG V30 display, design and camera

The display of LG V30 use 6 inches screen width. This screen size may become weakness for some users who do not like to have big screen smartphone, not easy to hold with one hand for navigation. But the bigger screen size can become goodness for anyone who like to have bigger screen smartphone. For us, the 6 inches LCD size is good point because we can get more bigger view when watch movie or playing games. The screen resolutions is qHD+ at 1440 x 2880 pixels. One important improvement at LG V30 (H930) is OLED screen type which will give more vivid color and smaller power consumption then other screen type. Some applications may not work full screen at LG V30 (H930) because the screen aspect ration is 18:9.

At the back side of the body we will find Dual Camera which are contain of 16 MP, with aperture number f/1.6, accurate laser & phase detection autofocus and anther camera at 13 MP with aperture number f/1.9 and have LED flash. The 13 megapixel camera comes without autofocus because it is work for wide angle photo capture when work together with 16 megapixel main camera. Aperture number is very important to take more bright pictures when the light situations is not too bright. More smaller the f number, then the real physically lens aperture will open more bigger. So it is one other advantages of LG V30 (H930) because it have aperture f/1.6 and f/1.9.  Weakness of main camera is not have dual LED Flash, usually the Dual LED will give more natural for skin color. OIS is optical image stabilization, it is one other advantages at LG V30 (H930), it will help us to reduce handshake when taking pictures or record video.

disadvantages lg v30 / lg v30plus / lg h930

Disadvantages of LG V30 front camera because it only have 5 megapixel, while some other brand give 8 mp or 13 mp or more for selfie photography. However, this phone still can take sharp pictures because the sensor size of LG V30 (H930) front camera is big at 1/5″ size.

Demerit of LG V30 (H930) camera is not have optical zoom. Right now optical zoom comes at several other high end smartphone, but LG V30 / LG V30 PLUS still do not have this features. However with bigger sensor size, the cropping images for digital zooming still makes sense at this phone.

Fingerprint is available at LG V30 (H930), this is one other pros that many users like about, because the location of fingerprint located at back side of body bellow camera. With one tap we can turn on this phone as well as read our fingerprint to authentic security lock screen. But we need to register our fingerprint at menu Setting. It will ask several time to make sure our fingerprint can properly read. Please note that double tab to wake also available at LG V30 (H930) LCD screen.

Advantages of LG V30 (H930) have IP 68 certified, that is why we can bring this phone go in to water about 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. But please be careful for this features, sometime some brand will not allow us to bring our phone swim together because of unknown reasons. Please make sure about the LG water resistance warranty at your country.


More Advantages and Disadvantages of LG V30 (H930)

Advantages of LG V30 (H930) processor use Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835. This processor have 10 nanometer design for fast mobile access. Low power usage is very important at LG V30, because Snapdragon 835 can use 25% more efficient power usage then other processor. For gamer user, using LG V30 will bring faster 3D HD graphic rendering because this processor have about 60x more higher display color view then other processor before. LG V30 (H930) support dedicated graphic processor unit using Adreno 540. We also have to know that this processor use 64 bit, therefore we can have more RAM at 6 GB size for multitasking.

Drawback of LG V30 (H930) battery is only have 3300 mAh battery capacity. We think the 6 inches LCD screen will need more bigger battery capacity, because the users may use a lot for watch movie or playing interesting games. But LG said that OLED screen type and Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 processor will give more low power consumption. However, we still have other advantages for LG V30 (H930) battery because it is support for Quick Charge version 3.0. It mean we can do faster charging about 30 minutes to powered empty battery until 50% capacity.


Possibility disadvantages or drawbacks of LG V30 (H930):

  • Small battery size at 3300 mAh for 6 inches LCD screen.
  • Non removable battery.
  • not use Android 8 when the first time release
  • only 5 megapixel front camera resolutions at high end smartphone class





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