Do Not Buy APPLE IPHONE X (TEN) Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

We will give more information about advantages and disadvantages of IPHONE X (TEN) from our point of view. This is special version of iPhone smartphone which produce for celebrate 10 years iPhone release in the market, that is why they use name IPHONE X or IPHONE TEN or IPHONE 10. The special think is not because its name, but also with the new design which is really different with other previous iPhone smartphone before, this phone does not have home button at front body, in fact the screen is almost full at front body, we will not find any button, but it use floating button in the screen.


Goodness and Weakness of IPHONE X (TEN) display, processor, design and camera

The advantages of IPHONE X (TEN) screen is use OLED Super Retina Display type with bigger screen at 5.8 inches size, it seems that Apple agree at real world situation right now, more user need big screen for multimedia, entertainment or doing anything at their smartphone. The screen resolutions is 1125×2436 pixels with very responsive navigation when we touch with our finger. Do not worry about the display color at this phone because it have good and vivid color with 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.

Goodness of IPHONE X (TEN) Apple A11 Bionic. Apple try to give better performance to their new smartphone using new A11 processor. This is 64 bit processor which can handle more RAM to go. They said that this processor have several time faster than previous A10 processor. The Apple A11 Bionic processor have 6 core which contain 2 core high performance faster than A10 and the other 4 core high efficient which will work for some simple process with power saving performance to save battery capacity.

disadvantages apple x (ten) review

Pros of IPHONE X (TEN) camera use dual lens camera 12 megapixel with aperture number f/1.8 and 12 megapixel for wide angle with aperture number f/2.4. This phone also have 2x optical zoom which is very important to take zoom pictures.
To help getting more bright images at low light conditions, IPHONE X (TEN) main camera have dual LED light to give natural skin color. both lens at IPHONE X (TEN) main camera already have optical images stabilization, this features will help us to reduce blur when taking photo at any situations.

Weakness of IPHONE X (TEN) is about external memory slot which not available at this phone. Until this product, Apple still does not have external memory or MicroSD slot for iPhone 10, they still belief that external memory will give more slow speed compare to internal memory and this is true for some reasons, because some users maybe do not aware about writing and reading speed at external memory when they want to buy MicroSD. Because speed will give good benefit to run applications. However, Apple release IPHONE X (TEN) with two version base on internal memory capacity, they have 64 GB and 256 GB with different selling price.

Disadvantages of IPHONE X (TEN) is not have fingerprint sensor. This features has introduced by Apple when they release iPhone, and now this features become standard at any high end or mid end smartphone. Some Android smartphone put the fingerprint sensor either at front or back side of the body. Apple IPHONE X (TEN) try to become different by disable the fingerprint sensor and change it with Face ID or Face detection to unlock screen lock at iPhone 10. Apple said that using Face ID is more secure several time if compare with fingerprint sensor. But some users think the drawback of using Face ID because it is not so easy to operate. Apple also give additional features from Face ID, because we can create our own emoji using Animoji and send that our new own emoji to messages at iPhone 10.

Goodness of IPHONE X (TEN) is use Wireless Charging and Quick Charge. As we know that there are many Android smartphone alreday use wireless charging but at that time Apple still not put it at their smartphone. Now at IPHONE X (TEN), the easy wireless charging already available. This phone also have fast charging technology to recharge iPhone 10 faster.


Possibility disadvantages or drawbacks of IPHONE X (TEN):

  • IPHONE X (TEN) does not have external memory MicroSD card slot. But they have big internal memory options whether 64 GB or 128 GB.
  • IPHONE X (TEN) does not have 3.5 mm headphone jack. We can use our headphone using converter at USB-C or using wireless headset.
  • IPHONE X (TEN) selling price is expensive. Apple is always not cheap.
  • IPHONE X (TEN) does not have fingerprint sensor. They replace with Face ID technology to give phone protections.
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