Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Now we are going to talk about SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 from our point of view and give more consideration before buy this smartphone. As we know Samsung already announce SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 at Mobile World Congress 2014. So, let see how good or how bad SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. This smartphone have several code name, but all of them start with SM-G900, only different at last character.

Samsung SM-G900F/SM-G900H, Samsung Galaxy S5 for Europe market
Samsung SM-G900I, Samsung Galaxy S5 for Asia market
Samsung SM-G900K/G900L/G900S, Samsung Galaxy S5 for Korea market
Samsung SM-G900M, Samsung Galaxy S5 for Vodafone customer
Samsung SM-G900A Samsung Galaxy S5 for AT&T customer
Samsung SM-G900T, Samsung Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile customer
Samsung SM-G900V, Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon customer
Samsung SM-G900R4, Samsung Galaxy S5 US Cellular customer
Samsung SM-G900P, Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint customer

Good Body Design and Water Resistance If not More than…..

Base at that information above, we can find that Samsung Galaxy S5 is 3G GSM HSDPA and also available for 4G LTE. All specification does not have any different. Samsung Galaxy S5 have almost similar body design if compare with Samsung Galaxy S4, but Samsung Galaxy S5 have more bigger LCD screen at 5.1 inches and more pixel density with full HD resolution at 1080×1920. Not like previous Samsung Galaxy S4 product, Samsung Galaxy S5 already have water resistance capability, something that we can find at Sony Xperia Z family, now we can also bring our Samsung Galaxy S5 at swimming pool but not more that 30 minutes at 1 meter deep continuously. If comparing with Sony Xperia Z family, they only have IP58 certified for water resistance vs Samsung Galaxy S5 have IP67 certified.

samsung galaxy s5 disadvantage

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with Medical Technology and What is Fingerprint…

There is something new at Samsung Galaxy S5, about fingerprint sensor at LCD and also the heart rate monitor. This is very interesting because as far as we know Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first Android smartphone which have Heart Rate monitor. To use Heart Rate sensor, we need to activate the applications first, after that touch our finger bellow the main camera at the backside body, specifically put our finger for several second at that sensor then the red light will be turning ON to tell us that sensor still working. After put our finger, do not release until LCD said finish and LCD will also give information about our heart rate. This is very interesting. There are also Finger Sensor, the alternative way to protection our smartphone beside using previous Android security protection like password or screen lock pattern. To use Fingerprint sensor, we need to activate from the security protection menu, follow the information for swap our finger hand at specific area bellow LCD up to home button.

Do you like to take good picture or photo with camera? 

Almost everyone who buy smartphone are willing to have good camera as well, and Samsung Galaxy S5 already have fantastic camera, because it have 16 megapixel with bigger sensor size. Just for information, more bigger sensor usually will give better images, light and dimensions.  Not only for still picture, Samsung Galaxy S5 camera also capable to take fullHD video without problem. The image stabilization also available to help us getting good picture when we record video at not steady situations. LED flash and many focus option are enchantment to help us get good images anytime in any situations.


What should Samsung Improve for Samsung Galaxy S5 phone ?

Well, now we will see some specification that should improve at Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S5 only 2800mAh, it should not very long to life before we need to charge.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 still use the same hard switch for Home button, it will become more interesting if they use soft button switch.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 price is high, but we will get many feature with good specifications for that.
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  1. I am on TMobile network. My friend bought me an unlocked Galaxy S5 phone but model was G900H.

    Will this phone be compatable with TMobile or do I need model # G900T ?

    Thank you

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