Pros and Cons Fact About VIVO X100 PRO Review

This phone has new technology of under display front camera 20 megapixel with Android 11 when the first time release at the market. We will provide more information about the good and bad features of VIVO X100 PRO from our point of view :


Some disadvantages possibilities of VIVO X100 PRO :

  • Disadvantages of VIVO X100 PRO does not have external memory MicroSD for extend the storage.
  • Cons of VIVO X100 PRO battery is not removable. This is normal for 8.9 mm thickness body smartphone. However, the problems will happen when battery corrupt or end of life. We have to replace it at Vivo authorized service center.
  • Drawback of VIVO X100 PRO does not have 3.5 mm headphone jack. We have to use USB-C to 3.5 mm converter.


disadvantages VIVO X100 PRO


Some Advantages of VIVO X100 PRO :

  • Advantages of VIVO X100 PRO work with big internal memory with 256 GB or 512 GB or 1 TB.
  • Goodness of VIVO X100 PRO have triple rear camera at back side body with 50 MP f/1.8 for standard wide + 50 MP f/2.5 for 4.3x optical zoom + 50 MP f/2.0 for 119 degree ultawide.
  • Pros of camera is powered by Zeiss optics for better photo and videos.
  • Advantages of VIVO X100 PRO LCD screen size is 6.77 inches with 120Hz refresh rate. Using LTPO AMOLED.
  • Strength of VIVO X100 PRO have big battery capacity at 5400 mAh.
  • Pros of VIVO X100 PRO has fast charging 100W.
  • Goodness of VIVO X100 PRO have stereo speaker.
  • Advantages of VIVO X100 PRO has NFC for data transfer.


Other Strength and Weakness Considerations of VIVO X100 PRO

VIVO X100 PRO is high-end smartphone that powered by Mediatek Dimensity 9300 and has flagship performance with its innovative all-big-core CPU design. Gaming receives a hefty boost with the new Immortalis-G720 MC12 GPU, promising console-grade graphics and smoother ray tracing. It is offering a compelling alternative with its raw power and AI focus.


VIVO X100 PRO Camera Advantages / Disadvantages Review

VIVO X100 PRO has good quality camera at back side body. All camera has same 50 megapixel resolutions but of course having different functions. The system is undeniably impressive, packing a punch with its triple-sensor setup and Zeiss optics. The camera work with 50 MP f/1.8 for standard wide but it has OIS and fast LASER autofocus, 50 MP f/2.5 for 4.3x optical zoom and the other camera is 50 MP f/2.0 for 119 degree ultawide.

VIVO X100 PRO use Zeiss lens for brings a touch of optical pedigree, noticeable in color accuracy and lens flare control, often adding a pleasing cinematic touch to your photos. The camera also has great Low-light performance with good quality result. It is happen because the use of large sensors and clever software processing. While not quite on par with dedicated night photography beasts, it’s certainly commendable for everyday use.


Is VIVO X100 PRO worth to buy ?

VIVO X100 PRO is good smartphone with great camera and game performance. This phone is recommended option for users who are looking for a top high-end smartphone with excellent camera capabilities, a powerful processor, and long battery life.

VIVO X100 PRO has big battery 5400 mAh with 100W quick charge technology. It is also has 50W wireless charging. Although this phone does not have microsd slot, but having big internal storage start from 256 GB will be enough for any activity. VIVO X100 PRO is recommended to buy for mid-end class performance.

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