Pros and Cons Things To Know About SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera Review

More information about SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera. This is Android Pie 9.0 smartphone with 6.7 inch screen width using Super AMOLED Full HD+ and have 20:9 aspect ratio.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera

This phone have triple camera for rear or main camera located at back side of body with 32 megapixel f/1.7 for wide normal camera + 8 megapixel f/2.2 for ultra wide lens + 5 megapixel f/2.2 for Depth Camera or Bokeh effect camera.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info triplelens

The main camera is located in the middle while secondary and third camera at top and bottom of main camera. This phone have single LED light flash at the bottom of all camera. If we use wide angle at main camera, we an have 78 degree angle using 32 megapixel lens and if we need more wide, we can use 8 megapixel ultra wide with 123 degree wide angle.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info  wide angle


Please note, because there are some differences at aperture number, therefore we have to make sure the light room when we want to take a picture. If we are at indoor with normal light or little bit low light, then we suggest to stick using main lens with 32 megapixel, because it have big aperture number f/1.7. If we want to take more wide angle but the situations is bright enough or day light outdoor, then we can use 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. If we use that 8 megapixel at low light situations, then the pictures will be grain or have a lot of noise. The 8 megapixel lens is recommended to take panorama shot with only one take.

If we want to take pictures for portrait photography, then having dual lens work together between 32 megapixel + 5 megapixel Deep of Field lens is recommended. It will give more detail view of people in the middle and blur for the background.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info bokeh


SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera use artificial intelligence for optimize any pictures that we take like people or object like food or pet or anything. It will automatically adjust the pictures more brightness and saturation for make better result.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info menu


Sometime when we take group of people, some people will not ready when shoot happen. Therefore their eyes maybe close or blinks or blur because of body movement.  SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera able to give some help for detecting that wrong situations by giving more information after photo taken.

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info automatic check eyes blink


SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 Camera menu already have personalize emoji which have some stickers or stamps or frames to edit our pictures / photos directly from this phone menu before sending or share to other person or social media

disadvantages samsung galaxy a70 camera info edit photo


SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 is Recommended To Buy

This phone have good features especially for camera, but the prices is not very expensive. We are recommended to buy this phone.

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