Important Disadvantage at XIAOMI YI Action Camera Good or Bad to Buy?

We give several important notes before buy XIAOMI YI, there are some good or bad things about this camera. When we need to go travel for see interesting location or do some sport actions, maybe we need to take video or pictures. Now we can choose XIAOMI YI as cheap action camera if compare by Go Pro. But maybe we have to know what is advantage or disadvantage of XIAOMI YI before we buy this camera.


The Specifications of XIAOMI YI Review

Image Resolutions 16 megapixels
Recording Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) at 60p
Sensor Type CMOS
Memory type MicroSD
Battery Lithium-Ion 1010 mAh


What is Advantage Good things From XIAOMI YI – strength?

XIAOMI YI is action cam with good lens, so we can take good video with wide or standard lens.

XIAOMI YI can record video up to 1080p full HD 60fps, it mean we can optimize the video to make it slow motion or faster.

XIAOMI YI have good voice recording and battery life, and the battery is removable so we can bring several battery backup for important moment.

XIAOMI YI price is cheaper for many features of action camera.

XIAOMI YI already have internal Wifi connection to control with smartphone.


xiaomi yi action cam disadvantages


What is Disadvantages Bad things From XIAOMI YI – weakness ?

  • Disadvantage of XIAOMI YI images stabilizer is not working so good, but we can use other image stabilization tools to help this problems.
  • Disadvantage of XIAOMI YI is not waterproof action cam, that is why we need water resistance case to bring this action cam in the water.
  • Disadvantages of XIAOMI YI does not have LCD screen, but this is common at action cam to make lighter weight and save battery power.
  • Lag of flashlight also another weakness at XIAOMI YI, but for action camera, we almost does not need light flash because it can make battery drain more faster, and when using XIAOMI YI for action and sport, the available light conditions should be good, at least for our eyes.


More About Disadvantages and Advantages of XIAOMI YI Action Camera

Although XIAOMI YI does not have LCD screen to give notification about this camera conditions, but we can see the information base by LED color which included at the body like front POWER button which located at the front of camera beside camera lens, this LED light have several color like full charging battery with blue color, average battery capacity with purple color, and low battery capacity with red color.

How to know XIAOMI YI recoding status? There are 3 LED indicator light which located at back side, upper side, and bottom side. If recording happen, then that light will flashing. This 3 location is very helpful to make us know when this action cam recording or not although we are away from this camera.

To give more XIAOMI YI control, we need to connect this action cam with smartphone, but sadly at this moment XIAOMI YI mobile application only available for Android and Iphone. Of course this is disadvantage for Blackberry or Windows Phone users.


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