Do Not Use MICROWAVE For Cooking Before Read This Information

Why using microwave is not advisable for anyone? Because there are some restrictions that we have to know before using Microwave for cooking. Microwave is a cooking tools that use for heat up our food or cooking for some menu. Like its name, Microwave work with micro wave radiation with various frequency, mostly work at 2.5 Ghz. That micro-wave emit radiation on sugar, water and fat inside our food and create the heat.


Dangers of Microwave Oven – Microwave Restrictions – How To Use Microwave Safely?

  1. Do not use Stainless steel or metal container when heating any food. It can damage the Microwave.
  2. Do not put any spoon / fork / knife or other tools inside Microwave especially that created from Stainless steel or metal. The non-microwavable plastic tools also may damage when Microwave work.
  3. Do not use Microwave for cooking or heating if we use pacemaker for normalize the heart rhythm. Please stay away using Microwave cooking device.
  4. Do not heating water with Microwave. The water will very fast to super-heating. The boiling water may explode when we move out from Microwave and causing injury.
  5. Do not use thin glass plate (non-microwavable) to heating some food. It can easily broken because of the fast heating Microwave process.


Cons & Disadvantages of Using Microwave Oven:

  1. We can not heat all food using Microwave.
  2. If the heating process is not spread properly, then some bacteria or viruses still alive inside food.
  3. If the heating process is too long, then Microwave can damage the important nutritional inside food.
  4. Microwave can cause cancer if we often heat some food using its plastic food wrapper or something like that, especially if the wrapper is not microwaveable.


disadvantages microwave oven


Don’t Worry, Microwave Oven Still Have Many Advantages:

Beside all demerits about Microwave, there are still some advantages when we use Microwave for Cooking. This is the advance technology that use electricity to generate the electromagnetic waves known as micro-waves. If compare with traditional cooking stove, using Microwave can save processing time become faster. We can reduce the heating process time about 25% faster with Microwave (depend on food type).

At this time, there are many improvement technology that comes with new Microwave Oven devices. We can get low watt technology. Programmatic automation cooking process and of course the selling prices also become more cheaper.

When we use Microwave oven properly, then we will get many Microwave advantages like:

  1. Clean kitchen
  2. Fast process time
  3. Keep food nutrition
  4. Keep food taste
  5. More safety then cooking stove
  6. Easy Programmatic automation cooking


Should I Use Microwave Oven Everyday?

Yes we can use Microwave Oven everyday to heating our food. We have been use many kind of Microwave oven for the last few years. As far as we keep safety and stay away from restrictions above, then using Microwave can improve quality of life. We can re-heating faster or sometime cooking with it. The low-watt Microwave Oven also available to buy, but the heating process time become double or longer.


We are talking about disadvantages and advantages of Microwave Oven. Please note, we never advice to stop using Microwave. As far as we use it properly, then Microwave is very helpful with many advantages. We can buy various brand with many functions. We use Microwave Everyday and recommended to buy. 

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