Do Not Buy APPLE IPHONE 11 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review

Please read more information about APPLE IPHONE 11 from our point of view. This phone release at September 2019 and ready at several country together. Now we can find APPLE IPHONE 11 almost at any country. This phone have 6.1 inches LCD screen with IPS Liquid Retina Display, using 828 x 1792 pixels resolutions. The screen use scratch resistance oleophobic. The power button located at left side body and the volume button located at left side body. Rear camera use dual lens with 12 megapixel f/1.8 for wide and 12 megapixel f/2.4 for ultra wide which not good enough for taking ultrawide photos at low light situation.

Several Drawback and Cons of APPLE IPHONE 11

APPLE IPHONE 11 design is not too much different from previous Phone XS but have more bigger size. The size of body are 5.67″ x 2.81″ x 0.32″ with 6.1 inches LCD screen make it worth to hold by one hand.

Cons of APPLE IPHONE 11 still does not have hardware headphone jack 3.5 mm for standard headset but we can use Bluetooth connections for some headphones as well.

disadvantages apple iphone 11

Some users maybe does not like to use Lightning port, because right now almost every new smartphone (except iPhone) use USB-C port for charger or data transfer.

Notch display introduced by Apple, but now almost all brand smartphone already release their phone with notch, but they have several improvement for their notch design, while iPhone still use big notch at the top of body. Therefore the APPLE IPHONE 11 notch at the display seems like old style.

APPLE IPHONE 11 only have dual camera while many Android smartphone including the cheap one also have dual or triple camera for at rear body. At APPLE IPHONE 11, both camera have 12 megapixel with different aperture number, the main wide camera use f/1.8 which is good for low light situations but the demerit of secondary ultra-wide camera only use f/2.4, therefore we will not get optimized photos at low light situations when using ultra wide camera.

Cons of APPLE IPHONE 11 does not have external memory or MicroSD, therefore we can not extend to improve our storage especially for photos videos which taken every time at daily activity.

Cons of APPLE IPHONE 11 only have one option of RAM, it use 4 GB for multitasking. But Apple said that the multitasking of this phone will not need many RAM more then 4 GB.

Is APPLE IPHONE 11 Recommended to Buy ?

Of course the answer is yes, because there are some improvement for the features of APPLE IPHONE 11, and we will get default iOS 13 when use it from the first time. Maybe one disadvantage of expensive price will be one consideration. But for most Apple users, maybe high price is not a big problem.




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